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Monday Monkey “Heat Wave!” (Episode 24)

Time to Cool Off!

It’s good to be back! Some friends have been asking where Mr. Monkey (Buddy) was and when there would be another video.

Here it is!

“Heat Wave!”

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Monday Monkey “Monkey Plays Piano” Episode 23

Monkeying with Tunes

Whether driving down the road, or sitting around the house, Mr. Monkey is always ready to break out into song.

And Mr. Monkey can play the piano! Who knew? When my daughter, Katie, sat down to the Yamaha grand at my mother’s house, he had to play along (Hear that, Yamaha people? My bass and acoustic are Yamaha, also. Do you sponsor monkeys?).

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. – Psalm 98:4 KJV

 “Monkey Plays Piano”

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Monday Monkey “The Mirror” (Episode 20)

Can you believe this is the 20th episode of Monday Monkey?!

Woo Hoo! Let’s go swing from a tree! Or a light fixture. Anyone have cake? A card with money?

Anyway, I have been under a lot of deadlines, so I apologize for no video over the last few weeks. This one was just thrown together, though. I knew I had to post something, or my fans might seek other monkeys on Monday. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Mirror



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Monday Monkey “Wisdom Teeth” (Episode 19)

My daughter showed me one video on YouTube [Click Here] of a girl who had her wisdom teeth removed. That led to another video, and another, and another. They were so funny (and sad) that I felt Mr. Monkey needed to have surgery.

There’s no deep, hyper-spiritual message to this episode of Monday Monkey. It’s just funny.

However, my wife did ask me, “So, what Bible verse will you use for this?” All I could think of was 1Corinthians 14:27 – If any man speak in an [unknown] tongue, [let it be] by two, or at the most [by] three, and [that] by course; and let one interpret. 

With that said, don’t get more than 3 cotton-stuffed monkeys in the same room – we Baptists might get nervous (smile).

“Wisdom Teeth”


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Monday Monkey “Safe and Sound” (Episode 18)

Monkey and I have been through a lot in the last couple of weeks. This video will help you understand why we did not do a video last week. Hopefully, everything will be getting back to normal.

Wait!….What’s normal? I don’t know if I like normal.

“Safe and Sound”

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Monday Monkey Decorates the Tree (Episode 6)

We just got our Christmas (not holiday) tree, but haven’t decorated it. That will happen sometime today or tomorrow. It’s not something I look forward to, except for the eggnog.

However, while we were out to church, Mr. Monkey decided to decorate the tree all by himself. Bad idea.

You see, just because he is a monkey, he thinks that climbing a tree is no big deal. What he doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that climbing a tree and decorating it with electric lights is complicated. He should have just waited until he could have help.

Sadly, it’s pretty common for people to think they can handle things alone. Their pride makes them think that they are strong enough, smart enough, independent enough, and perfectly capable of anything, even when they’re weak, hurting, and needy. Pride will lead to a fall.

Mr. Monkey’s Bad Idea

And for the record, it takes help to make these little videos. I can’t do them alone. So, a big thanks goes out to Kevin Miller, my old friend, for giving me a hand this time around.


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Hollow Humor

Steve Martin at the premiere of Baby Mama in N...

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I love to laugh.

There should never be any doubt that I enjoy humor. As a matter of fact, my love for humor has not only gotten me through some difficult times, but it has gotten me into trouble. That is why I truly wanted to see, live and in person, comedy royalty, a legend……

Steve Martin.

Wow! I couldn’t believe I was actually in the same room with “the Jerk,” the “wild and crazy guy!” It was such a thrill, even after the sticker shock and buyer’s remorse that followed purchasing tickets. After dinner at my wife’s favorite restuarant (to make her happy), we had skipped desert, walked in the rain, choked through some guy’s smoke in front of the entrance, and found our place within a stone’s toss of living, comedy genius. It was awesome!

For the younger readers, Steve Martin is the white-haired guy in The Pink Panther, and the upcoming movie with Jack Black and Owen Wilson, The Big Year.

Well, instead of going around doing comedy, Steve Martin is touring with The Steep Canyon Rangers and playing bluegrass (Steve Martin is a scorching banjo player). But along with an all-original set of music sure to please the mountain music lover in everyone, Steve couldn’t help be the funny man. We’re not talking about joke-telling funny, just simple, natural humor. Even though the adults over 30 would have loved to hear him sing “King Tut,” he kept the humor conversational, never once putting on a pair of bunny ears or an arrow-through-the-head.

The Sad Part…

Even though I love comedy and music (even bluegrass banjo), the greatest love of my life is Jesus. And even though Martin was great and really worth the ticket price, it could have even been better had the One I love been invited.

A legalist would say that any music that is not religious is sinful. The legalist would not have enjoyed Steve Martin. On the other hand, a “recovering” legalist can enjoy what is beautiful and “good,” albeit not religious in nature. It’s just that no matter what it is, if it is void of Jesus, regardless of its quality, there’s something missing. It’s sorta like ordering your favorite food, only to notice that a key spice is missing. Adding a key ingredient after the fact is not the same as sprinkling on a little salt.

That being said, for what it’s worth, the following video is pretty darn funny; but sad at the same time.

The big reason why I listen to Christian music is not because I have to – I want to. Even though music and art of all types, including comedy, is ok on the surface, without Christ at the core, it rings hollow. What are your thoughts?


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