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Charlie Gard Will Die. Shame On You.

I know that I have a lot of readers and friends in both England and the rest of Europe, so I feel bad for having to say this about their country and the continent, but shame on your leaders and your medical system!

The news came out today that the parents of Charlie Gard are giving up. Essentially, they’ve run out of time to get help for their little boy. Without doubt, yes, he will now die.

Whatever happened to compassion and the value of life? Oh, I know, so many would like to point fingers in all kinds of directions, especially at my country, America. But what is so important about a hospital’s ability to determine when someone will live or die, despite the parents’ wishes? Is there no Hippocratic oath in Europe?

Really, whether or not Charlie Gard would have lived or died from his disease, was it not the merciful, compassionate, and holy right of the parents to try whatever they could? Doctors in America – Harvard trained – were going to offer their services, but you denied release from the hospital.

Honestly, who made your hospital lawyers and your E.U. panels god?

Americans, THIS is what you get when you have a European-style healthcare system. When you turn over your rights to those who think they know better than you, believe me, they will try to prove it whenever they can.

From Facebook

Charlie Gard is going to die, but since his parents were doing the best they could to keep him alive, the death, in my opinion, is nothing less than murder. Charlie Gard was unjustly sentenced to death because all hope was deemed unworthy, and he did nothing wrong. His death sentence was an injustice enforced by the government of England and the self-righteous judges of the European Union.

Shame on you. You will answer to God for what you’ve done.


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Monday Monkey “Olympic Hopeful” (Episode 26)

Olympic Connection

To start off this post, I just want to say how happy I am to see that my alma mater was represented to the world this week.

If you missed it, Amber Charles, a senior at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN, was one of the torchbearers who lit the Olympic cauldron in London. Amber is the captain of the ladies basket ball team. Both she and the coach, incidentally, are from London.

Monkey Connection

One of the best over-the-counter teas is non other than PG Tips. According to their advertising, PG Tips is England’s #1 tea, and they have a puppet monkey to prove it.

Our family loves PG Tips, and we have a world-famous puppet monkey in our house. Coincidence?

Athlete Connection

London, Monkeys, Tea…and athletics. What many don’t know is that Mr. Monkey can pole vault. Give him a little duct tape and he can really impress with bamboo pole.

I don’t know when the next Olympic trial will be held, but someone should give us a call. Do they have three-legged racing?


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Monday Monkey “The Mirror” (Episode 20)

Can you believe this is the 20th episode of Monday Monkey?!

Woo Hoo! Let’s go swing from a tree! Or a light fixture. Anyone have cake? A card with money?

Anyway, I have been under a lot of deadlines, so I apologize for no video over the last few weeks. This one was just thrown together, though. I knew I had to post something, or my fans might seek other monkeys on Monday. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Mirror



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See Me at Work

My Official Pose

Ever wanted to know what I am like behind the pulpit – for real?

Here’s your chance.

  1. Follow the link below to the video archives of Mile Straight Baptist Church.
  2. Next, scroll down till you see the January 29 (pm) service entitled “In the Beginning, God.

On Jan. 29th I was a guest speaker at Mile Straight. My daughter, Katie, sang before I preached.

Big Risk

Now, I know I’m taking a big risk, here. You may not like me after this, and that will make me sad. On the other hand, maybe you will see that there is more to me than “Monday Monkey.”

Oh, if you would like to have me as a guest speaker, feel free to give me a call or email me (especially if you are talking England – hint, hint).

NOTE: for some reason Mile Straight Baptist’s website is experiencing some trouble. If the link does not work, try again, later. I’m sure it will be back on line, soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. (this was posted Tuesday at 5:40 am, eastern)

As of 7:05 am it is working. However, it’s in Flash video, so sadly it won’t play on an iPhone, which is aggravating.



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Quick Update to the “Mr. Gore” Question


How did Bill define "cold?"

In a previous article, I asked if Mr. Al Gore had any more predictions about the future climate.  That article also had links to stories detailing the record-breaking cold in the UK.


Well, the story now is that this is the coldest it’s been in England since records have been kept.


Funny, isn’t it.  According to a story back in 2000, the children of England were supposed to be crying in their suntan lotion over never being able to see snow again. I’ve linked the story for your enjoyment.


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