Monday Monkey “The Mirror” (Episode 20)

Can you believe this is the 20th episode of Monday Monkey?!

Woo Hoo! Let’s go swing from a tree! Or a light fixture. Anyone have cake? A card with money?

Anyway, I have been under a lot of deadlines, so I apologize for no video over the last few weeks. This one was just thrown together, though. I knew I had to post something, or my fans might seek other monkeys on Monday. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Mirror


Filed under Humor, Monday Monkey, Preaching

7 responses to “Monday Monkey “The Mirror” (Episode 20)

  1. I have missed Monkey but understand about deadlines. Good to see Monkey back with such a great post.

  2. roy cavender

    GREAT!!!!! Jim and Joyce Adams liked it too.

  3. Very nice. Incredibly humorous with a great point. It is good to see Monday Monkey, again!

  4. Kevin Miller

    Absolutely Beautiful, well…… maybe not for Monkey. I will SEE you later.

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist.

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