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monday monkeyWhether or not you are a fan of Mr. Monkey and his videos, I am sure you will find this page very helpful. Instead of searching through years of posts for the one video you’d love to share, now you will have access to all (OK, most of) the Monday Monkey episodes in one place.

Cool, huh?!

If you don’t remember, or if you are new to this blog, I first started filming these short videos back in 2011 in order to add comic relief and to attract new readers. Believe it or not, when I first started doing this I didn’t even have 100 subscribers.

Some people think these videos are silly and beneath the dignity of a seminary graduate, a pastor, and a virtual “pillar” of the community. Personally, I think laughter is a gift from God, so Christians (such as myself) should be able to have some fun – even with a puppet.

As an added bonus, there are a few extra video included on this page that were not in correct episode order, or were not even posted to The Recovering Legalist.


As newer episodes are created, I will add them below.

Introduction: October 17, 2011

Episode #1: “Monkey Questions”

Episode #2 “There’s a Monkey at the Wheel!” (My favorite)

Episode #3 (Deleted)

Episode #4 “Something Really Funny”

Episode #5 “Mr. Monkey Is Thankful” (first Thanksgiving episode)

Episode #6 “Monkey In the Rain”

Episode #7 “Mr. Monkey’s Bad Idea” (This video contains “Third Party” music which I do not own, so don’t sue me – I’m not making any money off this stuff, you know.)

Episode #8 “Don’t Monkey Around with Gifts” (This video features my wife – and her famous scream) Also, Nugget (our precious little dog) went missing in August of 2016. We miss him terribly. 😦

Episode #9 “Monkey-Picked Tea” 

Episode #10 Deleted

Episode #11 “Monkey In a Tree House” (Filmed on location at the world’s largest tree house in Crossville, TN – now closed to the public)

Episode #12 “Train Up a Child”

Episode #13 “Staring Contest” (Never, never, ever get into a staring contest with a monkey)

I don’t know where #14 is. Maybe it is one of the bonus ones?

Episode #15 “Mr. Monkey Meets Benny Berry” (My most popular episode, and for good reason. I get a blessing every time I watch it.)

Episode #16 “Try Me” (A music video featuring a song I wrote for my wife for Valentine’s Day – and yes, it’s copyrighted)

Bonus Episode “A Presidents Day Message” (Contains third-party music. Features a sneezing monkey.)

Episode #17 “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

Episode #18 “Monday Monkey Is Back…After the Flu”

Episode #19 “Wisdom Teeth” (You’ll only understand this if you’ve watched other YouTube videos that show kids waking up from anesthesia)

Episode #20 “The Mirror” (Mr. Monkey looks inside himself)

Episode #21 “Graduation 2012”

Episode #22 “Monkey Meets Monkeys at the Zoo!” (Yes, Mr. Monkey gets to go to a real zoo and meets real monkeys – totally cute.)

Episode #23 “Monkey Plays the Piano” (A little trip to my mother and grandmother’s house turns into a concert for Mother’s Day)

Episode #24 “Heat Wave!” (How to cool off when it’s really, really hot)

Episode #25 “Jumping On the Bed” (Believe it or not, this was my most expensive video to date – I used a real hospital emergency room Hey, since my wife was really sick, why not inject some humor?)

Bonus“Olympic Hopeful” (There should be sports for monkeys)

Bonus “Paper Not Done” (I made this when my family and I were on vacation while I was in seminary. I used part of my vacation time as study time. I LOL every time I get to the part where I say, “alone.” The monkey’s expression is hilarious!)

Episode #26 “Bug Museum” (On vacation I took my wife and girls to the bug museum owned by the pest control company I worked for when Katie was born.)

Episode #27 “Monkey Driving a School Bus”

Episode #28 “What If You Cross a Monkey With Time?” (Without a doubt, my most controversial video to date. Boy! Did I get hate mail on this, or what?)

Episode #29 “Monkeys Hate Alarm Clocks” (I bought a perfectly good, but thankfully inexpensive clock for this episode.)

Episode #30 “Happy Birthday to Me!” 

Episode #31 “Monkey Shakes an Egg” 

Episode #32 “Monkey At the Ball” 

Episode #33 “Fur of Fury” (This is one of the iPhone trailers.)

Episode #34 “Waking Up With Monkey” (I literally did this whole video in bed in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep)

Episode #35  (Deleted)

Episode #36 “Whadaya Do When Your Monkey Has the Hiccups?” (Whack him on the head with a Barbie doll, what else?) This video was the last time I was able to use my 8-track digital recorder to make a sound track. It died not too long after, and that made me very sad. I’ve not really written much music since, either.

8 responses to “Monkey Archives

  1. Actually using copyrighted songs in videos here (without permission) is illegal. 😉 But only of you do it outside of a video service like Youtube???? Go figure. 😉
    Ps – glad I found the monkey.
    Pss – I should let more of my humor out on my blog. I’ll warn you … It’s a bit snarky. Oh you’ve seen that part of he on FB. 🙂

  2. Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.” I’m with you on humor!! Otherwise, our Lord wouldn’t have inspired this verse!! 😉

  3. Brilliant! And what is life without humor?!? I just bet you’re also fun to have at the pulpit. Do you and Jesus laugh out loud together??

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