See Me at Work

My Official Pose

Ever wanted to know what I am like behind the pulpit – for real?

Here’s your chance.

  1. Follow the link below to the video archives of Mile Straight Baptist Church.
  2. Next, scroll down till you see the January 29 (pm) service entitled “In the Beginning, God.

On Jan. 29th I was a guest speaker at Mile Straight. My daughter, Katie, sang before I preached.

Big Risk

Now, I know I’m taking a big risk, here. You may not like me after this, and that will make me sad. On the other hand, maybe you will see that there is more to me than “Monday Monkey.”

Oh, if you would like to have me as a guest speaker, feel free to give me a call or email me (especially if you are talking England – hint, hint).

NOTE: for some reason Mile Straight Baptist’s website is experiencing some trouble. If the link does not work, try again, later. I’m sure it will be back on line, soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. (this was posted Tuesday at 5:40 am, eastern)

As of 7:05 am it is working. However, it’s in Flash video, so sadly it won’t play on an iPhone, which is aggravating.


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4 responses to “See Me at Work

  1. Anthony. Tried the link but there seems to be a problem with the MSBC website at the moment. Did you mean New England or Old England?

    • I tried the website and it is experiencing some problems. I sent an email to the pastor. Maybe you can try again, later.

      And it’s the England with the white cliffs and cars on the wrong side of the street that I’m talking about.

      Anthony Psalm 57:2

      Sent from iPhone.

      • Got there eventually – despite a slow hotel Internet connection! Good word. It is so important to begin with God each day and continue with Him throughout each day. This is difficult in the hustle and bustle of work sometimes, but essential. You brought so much out of four words: “In the beginning, God.”

        Please encourage Katie too. I admire that she has the courage to sing at the front of the church. Katie is blessed with a beautiful voice and it is good that she is prepared to use it for God.

        Never mind the white cliffs and which side of the car the steering wheel is on I think I’d fancy a visit to New England. Currently in a large hotel on a motorway interchange on the edge of Dublin with only myself for company.

  2. Kevin Miller

    Still waiting, but hopeful.

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