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The Humble Horologist (my new YouTube Channel)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have started a brand-new YouTube channel called The Humble Horologist.

Why a new channel? Well, simply because I’ve wanted to do something like this for a few years, and to be honest, there’s the possibility of an additional income stream.

So, do me a BIG favor and check out the video below. Then, if you would be so kind, PLEASE “like” and “subscribe”?

I’m still new, so pardon the quiet part where I show the watch in the dark.

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My First Watch Review!

It’s not that the world needs another YouTuber talking about watches, but I made my own video reviewing a Deep Blue dive watch.

Who knows, maybe this will turn into something ūüôā

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Let’s Talk About Moses and Righteousness

Been Busy

Someone whom you may know as Angel made a keen observation: I haven’t been posting much, lately.

Well, there is a reason why that observation is correct… It’s no more complicated than the fact that I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

And when I’m not busy, I’m usually just too dang tired to get my brain into writing gear. But I’m sure it’s just a phase.

Been Preaching and Teaching

But one thing that hasn’t slacked off is the time I have spent in front of an iPhone camera. Literally, the only time I am not recording and uploading preaching or teaching content is on Saturday. But it’s twice on Sunday, so…

Therefore, even though I’ve not been doing a lot of writing, I have been speaking. And that’s OK! I love it! So, when you have the time, I would encourage you to check out the following two videos. They are the latest that I have edited and uploaded to YouTube (and that’s work, too).

Oh, and I’ve been walking every day and doing my best to lose weight, especially for my daughter Katie’s wedding in October.

Love you guys!


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It’s “Friday” (Blast from the Past)

Blast from the Past!

It’s Friday. It’s April. And this was written on a Friday 2 years ago, long before many of you began following this blog. So, step back in time and enjoy!

BTW, I’m glad to see Rebecca Black is doing well, recording better music, and has a real future – unlike the mean and hateful¬†losers¬†who bullied and made fun of her. Where are they, now?

“Friday, Friday…”

What would be the chance that we could convince the calender people to change the names of the days? Could we change Friday to something like Frickabrack? How about Flurble? We have to do something, or every time the weekend comes around I’m gonna be singing that song. DANG IT!!

If you have been fortunate enough to have never heard this song, then that is about to change. You are going to submit to the temptation and click the link below. You have to share in the pain. You HAVE to!

Why Me, Lord?

Just because a song is popular, doesn’t make it good. An example would be “Why Me Lord” by Kris Kristofferson. I HATED that song. However, a song I hate more is “One Day at a Time.” Kris co-wrote that, you know. The part that I hated the most was the second verse…

Do you remember (Are you kidding? Ever heard of Omniscience)
When you walked among men
Well Jesus, you know, if you’re looking below(If? What’s He doin’, cleaning harps?)
It’s worse now than then(like when the Romans were feeding lions)
Pushin’ and shovin’ crowding my mind(Mental breakdowns are worse than martyrdom)
Lord for my sake(It’s all about me, isn’t it?)
Teach me to take
One day at a time (Just go take a nap, and you’ll feel better)

Well, “Friday” is a popular song, that’s for sure. What started off as an 8th-grader’s dream project has turned into a multi-million dollar success. ¬†Once it was posted on YouTube, it went viral. Now, as of this article, it received over 88 million hits (views). I just want to know why I had to be one of the unlucky ones to hear it.

It’s Cute

It could be worse, you know. Rebecca Black could be singing a song about teen sex in the back of a¬†convertible, or drug use while worshiping Satan in the bathroom of a public school. So, from a content perspective, it’s not that bad. The tune is annoying, but catchy, and the lyrics are clean. ¬†In short, it’s a cute song. But who on earth thought it was a poetic stroke of genius to end a line in a song with “afterwer-erds?”

The Worst Example for Teens is in the Video

If I really wanted to point out the negatives, it would have to be in the video. Here you have a song about a girl who goes to the bus stop, but instead hops a ride in the back seat of a convertible driven by a 10-year-old. Did her parents say it was OK to ride to school with her underage “friends?” Were any of them wearing seat belts?

The second verse presented some disturbing images. The last time I checked, it was not only illegal for 8th graders to drive alone, much less without an adult, but shouldn’t they sit IN the car, not ON the car? She said “on the highway” while waving at her friends from the trunk of a convertible. Can you say “Girls die in tragic¬†accident¬†after falling out of car – News at Eleven!?

But there’s another thing – who is this gangsta’ rapper that knows so much about little Rebecca Black and her partying? What’s the deal? If it was my little girl, dude better watch where he parks that ride. I don’t think ANY grown man with gold teeth and “bling” needs to be concerned with my middle school girl, her parties, OR her fun fun fun.¬†Got it?!

Wishing Rebecca Well

I wish her the best. I hope this is the start of something big for her. God bless her, really! She seems like a sweet kid with a monotone voice that grates through my soul like a recurring chalkboard nightmare. All I ask is that she leave all the other days of the week alone – and for Heaven’s sake, find another writer.


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Curbed Appetite

New Stuff

I am always up for trying new foods. There is the expectation that comes with wondering what the first bite will taste like. Chicken?

Funny thing, I have eaten a lot of chicken in my day (Baptist preachers are known for that), but not all chicken tastes the same. So, when you hear somebody say, “It tastes like chicken,” remember some people like hard-boiled chicken fetus in the shell (Philippines).

Today’s post is going to include two “new things” from entirely different parts of the world (especially for me). And neither taste like chicken – I don’t think.


Last week my little girl brought home from Spanish class a little bowl and a bag full of marijuana. Not really!! It only looked like it. And it wasn’t in the bag, just the bowl that was supposed to be a cup.

According to my daughter, and her teacher, and YouTube, and Wikipedia, this was supposed to be a traditional Argentinian drink. A drink, they say, made from steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate plant (or tree) in hot water. I think they switched the yerba mate for grass clippings in the school playground.

Everything about this drink goes against what I practice. You are supposed to fill the cup nearly full with these tiny, crushed leaves, fill it with water, stick in a metal straw that can’t be washed, and drink from it as you pass it around to perfect strangers. What’s wrong with this picture?

What did it taste like? Nasty. They say it’s an¬†acquired¬†taste. I didn’t¬†acquire¬†it.


OK, I know what you are thinking…”Anthony! Are you telling us you have never had sushi?” No, I am not going to tell you that. What I am going to tell you is that I never ate sushi that was real sushi and not those stupid California rolls.

Recently, because my daughter was broken-hearted after losing a volleyball game, I allowed myself to be suckered into going to a sushi bar. I think I would have rather gone to a “beer” bar. At least they would have had peanuts.

So, after deciding to let her pick, we ended up with what you see. We got raw Salmon, raw Yellow Tail, and  a Dragon Roll.

Why do people eat this stuff? Is there something in the psyche of some people that makes them want to go out and hunt another creature down like a true predator? Do they really enjoy biting into the cold, sticky flesh of dead sea creature? Haven’t they ever heard of Captain D’s?

Sorry, folks. That was my last time. My mouth tasted like I had licked a trot line for the next day and a half.

Real Food

So, after we left the sushi place, I took the girls one block down and got a hot dog at Good Dog, another North Shore Art District tree-hugger hangout. After eating the foo foo fish, I needed man food

What you see here is a naturally cased, baked bean, slaw, and red onion covered Boston Dog.

You can keep the squid bait.


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A Monkey is Coming – Beware


If you are reading this early on a Monday morning, then you should be the first to prepare. You should be thankful that you have received this warning early.

Many will see this too late. Many will not have time to prepare.

“Prepare for what?” you may ask.

Prepare to see a video so shocking, so controversial, so unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will go down in history  Рfor something.


Don’t wait till later to tell people what you are about to see. It is Monday. It could happen at any moment.

At any second the world’s most controversial video of a polyester-furred puppet monkey offending certain humans will hit YouTube and the world wide web. You need to get the word out NOW! Don’s just share, pre-share! They must be warned!

Be in Prayer

The truth will be shocking, upsetting, and unsettling. Some will become¬†nauseated. Others will wish they were wearing adult diapers. But a large portion of the portion of the world whose claims are¬†disproportionately larger than their actual portion will simply be offended and reply with hatred, vitriol, and jokes that aren’t that funny.

Be in prayer that the video to be released later on this day will go viral – at least as much as “Charlie Bit My Finger” – and actually make a point…without actually hurting anyone’s finger.

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When All Else Fails

Go to the Studio

Almost every Sunday I am a part of a radio broadcast. The program goes out over am radio to at least a few thousand people each week. It can be fun, but it can also be a challenge.

Even though some things are supposed to be as simple as breathing, “stuff” happens. Today, in a crunch for time, nothing wanted to work correctly. You see, I have to record my 15 minute sermon in advance, and I usually do that at home. The problem today was that nothing would record. The mic wouldn’t work. The computer kept locking up. You name it, it happened.

That is when I got the idea to go to the radio station.

Now, I have been in multi-million dollar recording studios in Nashville. I have recorded radio spots in modern, FM stations. But this was a first for me – vintage equipment older than me (I think). It was like I had walked into a museum of broadcasting.

Amazingly, everything worked. As a matter of fact, it was far simpler to use, not mention harder to break, than the finicky software on my laptop. When all else failed, I went back to the basics – and let someone else push all the buttons.

Go to the Lord

You know, I have heard it said so many times, “When all else fails, pray.”

Why is that? Why do we wait till “all else fails?” He never fails! Why don’t we just go to God first? Why don’t we let Him push the buttons?

If I had only gone to the radio station first, things would have been a lot less stressful. I would not have yelled at my wife, kicked the dog, etc. (yes, I’m joking). But when will we understand that going to God first will not only save time and spare the dog, but it will keep us from experiencing¬†unnecessary¬†heartache and stress?

Mat 6:33 NKJV – “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.


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Monday Monkey “Wisdom Teeth” (Episode 19)

My daughter showed me one video on YouTube [Click Here] of a girl who had her wisdom teeth removed. That led to another video, and another, and another. They were so funny (and sad) that I felt Mr. Monkey needed to have surgery.

There’s no deep, hyper-spiritual message to this episode of Monday Monkey. It’s just funny.

However, my wife did ask me, “So, what Bible verse will you use for this?” All I could think of was¬†1Corinthians 14:27 – If any man speak in an [unknown] tongue, [let it be] by two, or at the most [by] three, and [that] by course; and let one interpret.¬†

With that said, don’t get more than 3 cotton-stuffed monkeys in the same room – we Baptists might get nervous (smile).

“Wisdom Teeth”


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