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Curbed Appetite

New Stuff

I am always up for trying new foods. There is the expectation that comes with wondering what the first bite will taste like. Chicken?

Funny thing, I have eaten a lot of chicken in my day (Baptist preachers are known for that), but not all chicken tastes the same. So, when you hear somebody say, “It tastes like chicken,” remember some people like hard-boiled chicken fetus in the shell (Philippines).

Today’s post is going to include two “new things” from entirely different parts of the world (especially for me). And neither taste like chicken – I don’t think.


Last week my little girl brought home from Spanish class a little bowl and a bag full of marijuana. Not really!! It only looked like it. And it wasn’t in the bag, just the bowl that was supposed to be a cup.

According to my daughter, and her teacher, and YouTube, and Wikipedia, this was supposed to be a traditional Argentinian drink. A drink, they say, made from steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate plant (or tree) in hot water. I think they switched the yerba mate for grass clippings in the school playground.

Everything about this drink goes against what I practice. You are supposed to fill the cup nearly full with these tiny, crushed leaves, fill it with water, stick in a metal straw that can’t be washed, and drink from it as you pass it around to perfect strangers. What’s wrong with this picture?

What did it taste like? Nasty. They say it’s an acquired taste. I didn’t acquire it.


OK, I know what you are thinking…”Anthony! Are you telling us you have never had sushi?” No, I am not going to tell you that. What I am going to tell you is that I never ate sushi that was real sushi and not those stupid California rolls.

Recently, because my daughter was broken-hearted after losing a volleyball game, I allowed myself to be suckered into going to a sushi bar. I think I would have rather gone to a “beer” bar. At least they would have had peanuts.

So, after deciding to let her pick, we ended up with what you see. We got raw Salmon, raw Yellow Tail, and  a Dragon Roll.

Why do people eat this stuff? Is there something in the psyche of some people that makes them want to go out and hunt another creature down like a true predator? Do they really enjoy biting into the cold, sticky flesh of dead sea creature? Haven’t they ever heard of Captain D’s?

Sorry, folks. That was my last time. My mouth tasted like I had licked a trot line for the next day and a half.

Real Food

So, after we left the sushi place, I took the girls one block down and got a hot dog at Good Dog, another North Shore Art District tree-hugger hangout. After eating the foo foo fish, I needed man food

What you see here is a naturally cased, baked bean, slaw, and red onion covered Boston Dog.

You can keep the squid bait.


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