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It’s “Friday” (Blast from the Past)

Blast from the Past!

It’s Friday. It’s April. And this was written on a Friday 2 years ago, long before many of you began following this blog. So, step back in time and enjoy!

BTW, I’m glad to see Rebecca Black is doing well, recording better music, and has a real future – unlike the mean and hateful losers who bullied and made fun of her. Where are they, now?

“Friday, Friday…”

What would be the chance that we could convince the calender people to change the names of the days? Could we change Friday to something like Frickabrack? How about Flurble? We have to do something, or every time the weekend comes around I’m gonna be singing that song. DANG IT!!

If you have been fortunate enough to have never heard this song, then that is about to change. You are going to submit to the temptation and click the link below. You have to share in the pain. You HAVE to!

Why Me, Lord?

Just because a song is popular, doesn’t make it good. An example would be “Why Me Lord” by Kris Kristofferson. I HATED that song. However, a song I hate more is “One Day at a Time.” Kris co-wrote that, you know. The part that I hated the most was the second verse…

Do you remember (Are you kidding? Ever heard of Omniscience)
When you walked among men
Well Jesus, you know, if you’re looking below(If? What’s He doin’, cleaning harps?)
It’s worse now than then(like when the Romans were feeding lions)
Pushin’ and shovin’ crowding my mind(Mental breakdowns are worse than martyrdom)
Lord for my sake(It’s all about me, isn’t it?)
Teach me to take
One day at a time (Just go take a nap, and you’ll feel better)

Well, “Friday” is a popular song, that’s for sure. What started off as an 8th-grader’s dream project has turned into a multi-million dollar success.  Once it was posted on YouTube, it went viral. Now, as of this article, it received over 88 million hits (views). I just want to know why I had to be one of the unlucky ones to hear it.

It’s Cute

It could be worse, you know. Rebecca Black could be singing a song about teen sex in the back of a convertible, or drug use while worshiping Satan in the bathroom of a public school. So, from a content perspective, it’s not that bad. The tune is annoying, but catchy, and the lyrics are clean.  In short, it’s a cute song. But who on earth thought it was a poetic stroke of genius to end a line in a song with “afterwer-erds?”

The Worst Example for Teens is in the Video

If I really wanted to point out the negatives, it would have to be in the video. Here you have a song about a girl who goes to the bus stop, but instead hops a ride in the back seat of a convertible driven by a 10-year-old. Did her parents say it was OK to ride to school with her underage “friends?” Were any of them wearing seat belts?

The second verse presented some disturbing images. The last time I checked, it was not only illegal for 8th graders to drive alone, much less without an adult, but shouldn’t they sit IN the car, not ON the car? She said “on the highway” while waving at her friends from the trunk of a convertible. Can you say “Girls die in tragic accident after falling out of car – News at Eleven!?

But there’s another thing – who is this gangsta’ rapper that knows so much about little Rebecca Black and her partying? What’s the deal? If it was my little girl, dude better watch where he parks that ride. I don’t think ANY grown man with gold teeth and “bling” needs to be concerned with my middle school girl, her parties, OR her fun fun fun. Got it?!

Wishing Rebecca Well

I wish her the best. I hope this is the start of something big for her. God bless her, really! She seems like a sweet kid with a monotone voice that grates through my soul like a recurring chalkboard nightmare. All I ask is that she leave all the other days of the week alone – and for Heaven’s sake, find another writer.


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Relative Recompense

Starving Blogger

Today I went out to lunch. The person I was to meet was a man I had only spoken with on the phone and by email (sorta scary, huh?). He had no idea what I looked like, nor I he (that just sounds weird – is that grammatically correct? – “I he”?).

That’s when I had a brilliant idea – make a sign.  I needed one like people use when they stand on the side of the road asking for money (rarely work). So, I got a piece of cardboard, a marker, and made myself look like a beggar. Of course, that’s not too hard to do.

He knew who I was!

Food, Money, Whatever

Blogging is not a something one does to earn a living, at least not normally. I do it in order to give me an excuse to write. I do it because some people would rather read this than trip over dirty laundry while searching for a dust-covered journal. I do it because I love it.

There’s also another reason for blogging – the Message. My hope is that people all over the world will learn a little bit more about what it means to be a real Christian, not one of the fake, stereotypical hypocrites so many use as an excuse to run from Christ.

If I could get paid for doing this I would jump up and down like a circus clown on Meth. On the other hand, if writing would just put food on the table I would be as thrilled as a chocoholic getting a job transfer to Hershey, PA.

But if writing never pays the bills, cures my ills, or feeds me krill (it rhymed, what can I say), I will keep doing it. Every once in a while someone, somewhere, gets a blessing.

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Sermon Audio and Prayer Request

It is late at night, but I had to finish a recording for the radio this Sunday. Do you want to hear it?

I am going to take a big risk, here, and upload the audio file for this coming Sunday. It was recorded in my kitchen, on a laptop, using a cheap headphone mic and Audacity.

Being that many of you may never listen to AM radio, nor could you get this station where you are, this should be interesting. Don’t count on high quality. This isn’t FM, nor am I ready for Moody Radio.

Essentially, I have 15 minutes to preach a sermon which usually takes me 45 in a regular service. I don’t know why it is harder to cover stuff in a shorter amount of time, but it is. Anyway, what I sound like on this broadcast is a little different than in church.

Well, you may not think too highly of me after this. Be prepared. I may be shattering some preconceptions. Please forgive me if I do. I know I can’t preach like Chuck Swindoll or Tony Evans. I’m just me. What’s more, I may not sound like you expect. I may sound like the type of preacher you don’t like. I hope not.

Also, I wanted to write on here tonight because of something else. My wife is having some procedures done tomorrow (same day surgery). Please keep her in your prayers. But I would also ask that you keep me in your prayers, too. 5 and 6 hours of sleep every night is taking it’s toll.

Let me know what you think of the recording. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better (microphone headset, gadgets, software, etc.), please let me know. But if the message is a blessing, please let me know that, too. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Click here to listen: January 29 Sermon


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Monday Monkey – “Monkey Questions” (Episode 1)

Thanks for stopping by to see the first “Monday Monkey” episode! WOO HOO!

And just look what can be done with no budget!

Hope it brightens your day and makes your week go smoother!

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 Let’s make this a hit! Tell somebody about “Monday Monkey!”

No monkeys were harmed during the making of this video, but my arm went into a cramp.





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