Monday Monkey “Monkey Meets Benny” (Episode 14)

Yesterday was the fifth Sunday of the month, and every fifth Sunday we have a singing at the church I pastor.

Our guest for the yesterday’s singing was Benny Berry. He was a tremendous blessing to us all. Check out links to his websites, below.

Anyway, I had plans to do some other stuff for this episode, but things changed when I heard the closing song in the service. The song was I Love to Tell the Story. The “story” is why Mr. Monkey and I do what we do. I hope you enjoy it.


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6 responses to “Monday Monkey “Monkey Meets Benny” (Episode 14)

  1. Thank you – I haven’t heard this for years. I just found it in my old ‘Youth Favourites’ songbook which we used to use at camp in the late sixties.

  2. heather joy

    I loved this! I did a little catching up on your Mr. Monkey Monday video posts today — very creative and fun! :] not to mention, monkeys are my favorite.

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