Monday Monkey – “At the Wheel” (Episode 2)

One of the greatest country songs to come out of Nashville in the last, oh, 20 years was Jesus Take the Wheel.

This video is not meant to make fun of that song, so I hope Carrie Underwood doesn’t hate me when she sees this (I hope she see this).

This episode/edition of “Monday Monkey” pays tribute to Jesus Take the Wheel, while at the same time making fun of Monday-morning drivers.

“There’s a Monkey at the Wheel”

And before I forget, thanks to:

  1. Lauren Huckabee, for doing the vocals (she actually has an American Idol story). Great job!
  2. Scott, for the use of his Isuzu (that’s what the monkey drove to run me off the road).
  3. My daughter, Katie, for putting up with me and doing all the filming (with the iPhone 4).
  4. My wife, for not reminding me how much time it took to make a 59 second video.
  5. Jesus, for taking the wheel.


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