Thank You and Requests

First, let me say “thanks” to all who have visited this site in the last few days. Also, thanks to those who helped pass the word, such as my friend Dr. Tom Goss, pastor of Mile Straight Baptist Church.

Secondly, thank you for understanding that humor is a gift from God. The monkey segments are not meant to take away or distract from the message of the gospel, nor make light of God’s amazing, undeserved grace. They are only one example of how in Christ we are free to smile and enjoy the life we have been given.

By the way, would some of you log on to YouTube and give a positive rating to the last video? For some reason it is rated as 100% thumbs down. It ain’t THAT bad, I know!

Thirdly, your prayers for a hedge of protection around my family, myself, and the ministry in which I am involved would be greatly appreciated.

In Conclusion: If you are a regular reader, why not take a moment and subscribe to this blog? It costs nothing, but you will receive regular emails notifying you when there is a new post. If we reach 100 subscribers by the end of the year, there will be an honest-to-goodness give-away (of what I don’t know yet).

God Bless!! And if you have any suggestions for upcoming Monday Monkey segments, let me know.

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