Monday Monkey “Wisdom Teeth” (Episode 19)

My daughter showed me one video on YouTube [Click Here] of a girl who had her wisdom teeth removed. That led to another video, and another, and another. They were so funny (and sad) that I felt Mr. Monkey needed to have surgery.

There’s no deep, hyper-spiritual message to this episode of Monday Monkey. It’s just funny.

However, my wife did ask me, “So, what Bible verse will you use for this?” All I could think of was 1Corinthians 14:27 – If any man speak in an [unknown] tongue, [let it be] by two, or at the most [by] three, and [that] by course; and let one interpret. 

With that said, don’t get more than 3 cotton-stuffed monkeys in the same room – we Baptists might get nervous (smile).

“Wisdom Teeth”


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8 responses to “Monday Monkey “Wisdom Teeth” (Episode 19)

  1. That’s great; 1 Corinthians 14:27. Thanks for the laugh. If you ever get the chance, google Bill Cosby’s standup routine on trying to answer the dentist’s questions while getting a tooth pulled – Uproarious!

    • Yeah, I’ve seen it. Laughed till I cried. But what is more funny is that a few years ago I went to the dentist and heard it while they were working on my own teeth. They gave me headphones to wear, and the headphones were connected to something like a multi-channel Muzak machine. One of the channels was the Bill Cosby bit. Do you know how hard it is to not laugh while people are poking sharp objects into your mouth?

  2. Saturday, some of us trying to get certified in wilderness guidance (taking groups on trips outside of the city) took a young adult group down the Lower Salt River out here in Arizona on inflatable canoes. While it was a pretty easy run (or float), it can be quite exhausting. Then my wife and I had to be to church two hours earlier than normal, because we recently joined the set-up team (we meet in an elementery school). After that we taught the K-2nd Sunday School. We went home and watched her brand new copy of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (her golden birthday was Saturday) while she finished her lesson plans for the week (Kindergarten teacher). Then we went to see a friend who is in town from Kentucky.

    I tell you all of this to say “This video was hilarious! It helped rejuvinate me!”


  3. Kevin Miller

    🙂 I’ve had days like that.

    • Actually, this day was very similar. After a root canal on Friday, today I had roots cut away from the same tooth. I feel like I’ve had a brick to my head!

      Anthony Psalm 57:2

      Sent from iPhone.

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