Monday Monkey “Graduation 2012” (Episode 21)

Graduation Day

Well, technically, my degree was conferred in December, 2011. However, this was the day when everybody walked. So, what was I supposed to do? Miss the opportunity to take Mr. Monkey?

The poignant thing is that my dad went to TTU from 1972-73. He never actually graduated. He would be proud to have been here, today.

Long Time Coming

I graduated high school in 1985. I got my Associates in 1995. Even after two additional years of study which was non-accredited, I decided to go back and take 2 more years in order to get my Bachelor of Science in Bible (Pastoral Studies).

I owe a great debt to my wife, Valerie, and my girls for putting up with me.

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One response to “Monday Monkey “Graduation 2012” (Episode 21)

  1. Congratulations Anthony (and Monkey)! A great achievement for the Baker family. I am sure there was a huge amount of family team work contributing to your success.

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