Monday Monkey Decorates the Tree (Episode 6)

We just got our Christmas (not holiday) tree, but haven’t decorated it. That will happen sometime today or tomorrow. It’s not something I look forward to, except for the eggnog.

However, while we were out to church, Mr. Monkey decided to decorate the tree all by himself. Bad idea.

You see, just because he is a monkey, he thinks that climbing a tree is no big deal. What he doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that climbing a tree and decorating it with electric lights is complicated. He should have just waited until he could have help.

Sadly, it’s pretty common for people to think they can handle things alone. Their pride makes them think that they are strong enough, smart enough, independent enough, and perfectly capable of anything, even when they’re weak, hurting, and needy. Pride will lead to a fall.

Mr. Monkey’s Bad Idea

And for the record, it takes help to make these little videos. I can’t do them alone. So, a big thanks goes out to Kevin Miller, my old friend, for giving me a hand this time around.


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4 responses to “Monday Monkey Decorates the Tree (Episode 6)

  1. roy cavender


  2. Deb Wallace

    I love the Monkey. He is a great teacher.

  3. A very humorous way to convey a lesson.

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