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I “Beck” to Differ

For Starters

Let me be very honest about several things.

  • As a radio and television personality, I really like the politically conservative Glenn Beck.
    • I would jump at the opportunity to have lunch with him.
    • His love for America and our Christian heritage is admirable.
    • I consider him a great guy, and have no hate whatsoever towards him.
    • I’d rather have him (or Mitt Romney) as president than Obama any day.
  • I believe Liberty University has a lot to offer on many levels.
    • Liberty is a large, influential Christian university.
    • Liberty has a strong heritage of proclaiming the faith.
    • I’m sure the folks at Liberty want nothing less than the best for their students.
    • I almost attended college there, myself.

Let me be very clear about some other things, too.

  1. Although a great American, Glenn Beck is a Mormon, NOT a Christian.
  2. Liberty University is supposed to be a Christian University, not a political party university.
  3. Mormons might be outstanding moral people, but Mormonism is NOT just another Christian denomination; it is a totally different religion based on the teachings of Joseph Smith, not the Bible.
  4. Those who object to a Mormon missionary giving the convocation at Liberty University are not “haters,” but lovers of the Christian faith who want nothing more than to “take heed” to our doctrine (1 Timothy 4:16) and protect it from error (Titus 1:9).


Glen Beck’s Response

In response to the criticism still being leveled at Liberty University for allowing the likes of Mitt Romney and himself speak to the students during graduation convocations, Mr. Beck said the following on his program (as reported in the Christian Post):

(Credit: Reuters)

(Credit: Reuters)

“There is no difference between you and the people who are trying to run other people out of the square. See this is the reason why progressives are so frightening. This is why you lose a lot of people. This is why your churches are dwindling. You think you’re standing for something when instead you’re standing for hate and bigotry and I think Jesus was hanging out with prostitutes and sinners wasn’t he?”

My Response to Mr. Beck’s Response

In response to the above quote, I would first like to say I’m sorry, but hanging out with “prostitutes and sinners” in order to love them and show them a better way, THE Way to life eternal, is not the same as asking the “prostitutes and sinners” to promote their erroneous philosophies of life to young and impressionable graduates!

Also, it is no more “hate and bigotry” to seek to protect the gospel of Jesus Christ from those who would pollute it with poisonous error than it is “hate and bigotry” to protect a life-saving vaccine from those who would want to add a little arsenic in the name of “diversity.”

Lastly, I would rather see the Church lose “a lot of people” than have the Church be made up of people who are deceived into thinking they are actually a part. In order to be an orthodox Christian, one must believe that Jesus is the Christ, the one-and-only Son of the Eternal Father, not one of many celestial children born to one of a countless number of humans elevated to godhood.

Had Glenn Beck been around during the time described in John chapter 6, I wonder if he would have labeled Jesus a “hater,” or a “bigot?” I wonder if he would have ran after those who walked away and said, “Wait, don’t leave the square! Jesus didn’t know any better! He was just trying to stand for something!

 Hey, Glenn! I’m still available for lunch!


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Thursday Thoughts (Another Box of Cadets Wandering to Heaven)

It’s another Thursday, and it’s time for some random thoughts about stuff that randomly pops into my brain. Are you ready?

  • Another. What is this word: another? What does it really mean? Are we using it a certain way when in reality it means something else? What is a nother? It is a complimentary adjective, or pejorative? Is it a curse word that has been smoothed over by melding it with the letter a? Sure, I guess the another could be a conjunction of an and other, but is there no conspiracy?
  • Sex Box. Have you heard about the new reality television show that is coming to America? If you are from England, then you are probably familiar with this piece of feces mislabeled as entertainment. If you are not familiar with it, just Google it – I don’t even want the link on my blog. But here’s the idea: two people have sex in a tiny room (box) on stage in front of a live audience, then come out immediately after the act and discuss it. No shame…nothing sacred…a complete desecration…and it will probably get higher ratings than American Idol.
  • Cadet Rebellion. There is a rebellion afoot in the United States Air Force Academy, and it literally thrills my soul! After one student was forced to remove a verse from the book of Galatians written on a personal whiteboard, Bible verses have begun appearing everywhere. The atheists behind whiteboard washing are fit to be tied – HA! Click HERE to read the whole story.
  • 75992_626026807452097_257849749_nWandering. As if I didn’t have anything else to do, I recently accepted the offer to be a contributer to another blog, 40 Year Wanderer. Thanks to Heather Mertens (one of my devoted stalkers), I am stressing over what to write. How is that possible? I guess it’s like I have a school teacher assigning me essays and writer’s block is kicking in. Maybe I could do a monkey video? Click here to view the “contributor” page.
  • Heaven. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to one day setting foot on those celestial shores of home. “This world is not my home, I’m only passing through.” It’s not that I don’t care about this world, for I would love to see it become a better place. It’s just that I know that train bound for glory is on its way. I’ve got my ticket, my bags are packed, and I’ve got my ear to the tracks. “Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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You Might Be a Legalist…

A while back I posted a list I found on a website called PTM.org. I don’t know who wrote it, but I wish I had.

So, without further ado…

You might be a legalist, if…

1) God’s love for me depends on what I do.

2) Meeting the expectations of others, especially those in my congregation or in positions of authority, are paramount.

3) Moral and ethical questions are usually black and white and only made into fuzzy shades of gray by hand-wringing, bleeding-heart types.

4) I try hard to obey God and it irritates me that others think they can get away with avoiding the same level of dedication.

5) I fall short because I don’t have enough faith, or because I haven’t prayed enough, or because I just need to be a better person.

6) God is predisposed to be angry with me because I am a sinner. My main goal in life is to try to gain God’s favor by doing things that will impress him.

7) My sense of spiritual well-being is linked to a Christian leader or membership in my church rather than a personal relationship with God.

8) I tell my children not to do something in church or around other Christian families that I allow in my home.

9) I believe my church is God’s true church and that most other Christians may be sincere, but are sincerely wrong.

10) The exterior choices a person makes in what they wear, hairstyle, piercings, tattoos, etc. is a clear indication of that person’s character.

11) I sometimes worry that people might take advantage of grace if it’s preached too much —people might think they can do anything they want.

12) After being around Christians for a while I feel drained —weary of putting up a false front.

13) When I happen to miss a service or activity of my church I feel guilty.

14) I will likely get into heaven, even though I’m far from perfect, because I have tried to be a basically good person and God will take that into account.

So, are you a legalist? I used to be, but I still struggle. That’s the reason for this blog. That is why I call myself a “recovering” legalist.

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Friday Followup (Books, Burgoo, and Balls)

I Missed Thursday

I known it’s not a have to, a must, a requirement, or any such thing, but I have been enjoying writing about various topics on Thursdays. So, since I missed doing it yesterday, I will throw out a few quick thoughts for Friday – that’s today.

  • Proverbial Thought in print. Believe it or not, it looks like I, along with several others, are going to become published authors. Yes, Proverbial Thought (my other blog), the on-line daily devotional through the book of Proverbs, will soon be in print. But don’t think that the printed version will be exactly like the one on the web, no no no! There will be some new and revised content.
  • date with haley

    Picking up my “date” for the ball. A word to the wise – I’m armed – and so is she.

    Father/Daughter Purity Ball. Last week I took my youngest daughter, Haley, to a father/daughter purity ball in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. It was sponsored by a pro-life ministry called Alpha Alternative. It was the only time of the year where I will begrudgingly dance in public, but it was worth it to encourage my daughter to save herself until marriage. And if you want to argue against that, then you might be part of the problem.

  • Burgoo. It’s a Kentucky thing. It’s like Brunswick stew, but not. I brought some back to Chattanooga and let our youth pastor try it. He said, “It tastes sorta like a barbecue soup or stew, doesn’t it?” Yeah, I guess you could say that. But it’s definitely worth a drive to Hopkinsville.
  • photo (3)School Bus stop signs. Folks, if you see a flashing stop sign attached to a school bus, the law requires that you stop, and it doesn’t matter if you are on a two-lane road or six. You have no way of knowing in which direction a child might decide to run when he gets to the ground.

There you have it! There’s my thoughts for today. Just leave a nice comment below.

Remember…keep it nice.

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Finding Gold

Missing Leprechaun

Evidently, as best as anyone can tell, a leprechaun must have left his gold under a tree at the end of a rainbow, but was later assaulted by some children wanting his lucky charms. He never returned.

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc.

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin’s, Inc.

Seriously, did you hear about the Northern California couple who found $10 million worth of mint-condition, uncirculated gold coins? All of them dated back to the 1800’s and looked brand new.

The couple was out walking their dog down a path on their Gold Country property (how ironic), a path they had taken many times before, when the wife decided to look down and take a closer look at a rusty can. The can (one of six), had been laying there, rusting away, for years, but for some reason the lady decided this was the day she would kick it.

Just think, right there in front of them, all this time, were six cans with a total of 1,427 gold coins! Some were so rare that just one was worth over $1 million! And they were right there all along!

Hidden Treasure

Believe it or not, there are rusty cans all along the paths you and I take. However, the paths that I am referring to are the ones we take through Scripture.

I recently read an article decrying the idea of looking for “golden nuggets” in the Bible. The author argued that we shouldn’t waste our time looking for hidden treasure locked away within some Greek or Hebrew vault, just admire the Bible’s obvious beauty and truth. In other words, we should stay on the path, admire the scenery, stick to the routine, bask in the sun, but avoid kicking over any rusty cans.

Now, it is a fact that most treasure hunters go broke; therefore, am not suggesting that we stray from regular Bible reading to simply search for hidden “nuggets” of truth. However, it would surprise the regular walker through Scripture how many rusty cans have been waiting to be disturbed.

Kick a Few

The next time you read your Bible, why not take the time to be inquisitive? Treat some of the words in the verses like those old, familiar rusty cans and examine what’s inside. Search out the original word in a concordance, then see how that word is used in other places. Do some simple investigation and you might find yourself enriched.

A while back, when studying Proverbs, I came across a word in verse 7 of chapter 2. The word was “buckler.” Below is what I wrote in a post for Proverbial Thought…

The Buckler

bucklerInterestingly, though, the KJV translators used the the word buckler instead of shield. Why? Maybe it’s because a buckler is more than just a static, defensive piece of armour. A buckler was also a weapon. Bucklers were smaller shields which could be used not only to deflect the enemies blows, but could also be used as a “steel fist.”

Never forget that the same shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) which can “quench the firey darts of the wicked” can also be used to fight back. The tools God gives those who listen to Him will not only protect us, but will enable us to advance.

Have you passed by any rusty cans today?

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/02/25/california-couple-finds-10-million-in-rare-coins-while-out-walking-dog/


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I’m Going to Offend

Offended Anyone?

Have you ever offended anyone? I bet you have. Sooner or later, all of us will. We may say something we don’t mean, act carelessly, or speak the truth without love. Offenses happen.

However, there are times when  simple words and phrases will set people off. For example, if you want to rile people up into a tizzy, just get on Facebook or Twitter and post any of the following words (your opinion doesn’t matter):

  1. Grits, okra, and turnip greens
  2. Roll Tide! / Go Vols!
  3. “Put some clothes on!”
  4. “It’s only a translation.”
  5. Rapture
  6. First On Race Day (Ford)
  7. “I hate Twilight.”
  8. “My kids will never do that.”
  9. “You’re an idiot!”
  10. Ronald Reagan

Seriously, use any of those words and it won’t take 10 minutes before people are arguing and fighting, calling each other names, questioning each other’s religion, and saying things like, “DON’T JUDGE ME!”

Nevertheless, we should do our best to “live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:18). It should never be our intent to hurt feelings or make people angry. The apostle Paul instructed us to “follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another” (Romans 14:19).  So, as much as is possible, we should watch what we say, choose our words carefully, and do our best not to offend.

And, when necessary, we should apologize.

The Rock of Offense

On the other hand, there are times when we MUST offend. Sometimes speaking the truth is the only loving thing to do; anything less is an offense to God.

For example, the following words will not make many friends, but are guaranteed to generate hate-filled comments from around the troll-dwelling universe. Yet, they must be said!

  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no man can come unto the Father but by Him (John 14:6).

As a blogger, my words are read all over the world by people who hate the name of Jesus, and when I mention Him they go ballistic. I hate it for them, but how can I remain silent?

Jesus told the followers of John the Baptist,

“…Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me. – Luke 7:22-23 

I don’t like offending people, but here’s the thing: if we let the fear of offending silence the Truth, how then can we “follow after the things which make for peace?” There can be no real peace without the Prince of Peace.

So, I guess I’m going to offend.


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Monday Monkey Suggestions

Where’s Monkey?

It has been a while since Mr. Monkey has been in front of the camera. Part of the reason has been a lack of creative ideas. When one is totally stressed with matters that are actually serious, coming up with monkey videos tend to be pushed to the side.

monday monkeyHowever, some have been asking, “Where’s Monday Monkey?” Believe it or not, there are Monday Monkey fans out there. So, I would like to bring Mr. Monkey back to the little screen very soon, but in order to do that I need ideas.

Got Suggestions?

What would you like to see Mr. Monkey do (that would not harm him)? Where would you like to see Mr. Monkey visit (no vulgar suggestions, please)? Any topics you would like Mr. Monkey to address?

The Beatles sang that all the world needed was love. I disagree. I believe it needs laughter, as well. It also need cute, fuzzy puppet monkeys.

Give Away Announcement!

I just thought of something (which usually means something unwise is about to happen). How would you like an autographed photo of Mr. Monkey and myself (or just Mr. Monkey, or both?) to frame and hang on your living room wall, in your baby’s nursery, or in your office at work?

Let’s see… How ’bout the first 10 people to give me an original idea that won’t cost me a lot of money to produce (like with props and stuff) and won’t harm my 30-year-old puppet, will receive an autographed 8×10 (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, which will give me enough time to take the picture and get the money to mail copies)?

Disclaimer: In order to receive a picture 1) you must be a subscriber; 2) you must give me an address to mail the picture; and 3) my wife has to approve of all this nonsense.

Even if you don’t want a picture (tell me, but try not to hurt my feelings), please leave some suggestions for future videos.


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