Finding Gold

Missing Leprechaun

Evidently, as best as anyone can tell, a leprechaun must have left his gold under a tree at the end of a rainbow, but was later assaulted by some children wanting his lucky charms. He never returned.

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc.

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin’s, Inc.

Seriously, did you hear about the Northern California couple who found $10 million worth of mint-condition, uncirculated gold coins? All of them dated back to the 1800’s and looked brand new.

The couple was out walking their dog down a path on their Gold Country property (how ironic), a path they had taken many times before, when the wife decided to look down and take a closer look at a rusty can. The can (one of six), had been laying there, rusting away, for years, but for some reason the lady decided this was the day she would kick it.

Just think, right there in front of them, all this time, were six cans with a total of 1,427 gold coins! Some were so rare that just one was worth over $1 million! And they were right there all along!

Hidden Treasure

Believe it or not, there are rusty cans all along the paths you and I take. However, the paths that I am referring to are the ones we take through Scripture.

I recently read an article decrying the idea of looking for “golden nuggets” in the Bible. The author argued that we shouldn’t waste our time looking for hidden treasure locked away within some Greek or Hebrew vault, just admire the Bible’s obvious beauty and truth. In other words, we should stay on the path, admire the scenery, stick to the routine, bask in the sun, but avoid kicking over any rusty cans.

Now, it is a fact that most treasure hunters go broke; therefore, am not suggesting that we stray from regular Bible reading to simply search for hidden “nuggets” of truth. However, it would surprise the regular walker through Scripture how many rusty cans have been waiting to be disturbed.

Kick a Few

The next time you read your Bible, why not take the time to be inquisitive? Treat some of the words in the verses like those old, familiar rusty cans and examine what’s inside. Search out the original word in a concordance, then see how that word is used in other places. Do some simple investigation and you might find yourself enriched.

A while back, when studying Proverbs, I came across a word in verse 7 of chapter 2. The word was “buckler.” Below is what I wrote in a post for Proverbial Thought…

The Buckler

bucklerInterestingly, though, the KJV translators used the the word buckler instead of shield. Why? Maybe it’s because a buckler is more than just a static, defensive piece of armour. A buckler was also a weapon. Bucklers were smaller shields which could be used not only to deflect the enemies blows, but could also be used as a “steel fist.”

Never forget that the same shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) which can “quench the firey darts of the wicked” can also be used to fight back. The tools God gives those who listen to Him will not only protect us, but will enable us to advance.

Have you passed by any rusty cans today?



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2 responses to “Finding Gold

  1. Love this comparison! So inspiring. 🙂 I’m blessed to know you.

  2. I just heard about this yesterday. I love the comparison as well! I find that every time I open my Bible, God has some new little nugget of gold for me. Do we not serve an awesome God? God bless you friend!

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