Monday Monkey Suggestions

Where’s Monkey?

It has been a while since Mr. Monkey has been in front of the camera. Part of the reason has been a lack of creative ideas. When one is totally stressed with matters that are actually serious, coming up with monkey videos tend to be pushed to the side.

monday monkeyHowever, some have been asking, “Where’s Monday Monkey?” Believe it or not, there are Monday Monkey fans out there. So, I would like to bring Mr. Monkey back to the little screen very soon, but in order to do that I need ideas.

Got Suggestions?

What would you like to see Mr. Monkey do (that would not harm him)? Where would you like to see Mr. Monkey visit (no vulgar suggestions, please)? Any topics you would like Mr. Monkey to address?

The Beatles sang that all the world needed was love. I disagree. I believe it needs laughter, as well. It also need cute, fuzzy puppet monkeys.

Give Away Announcement!

I just thought of something (which usually means something unwise is about to happen). How would you like an autographed photo of Mr. Monkey and myself (or just Mr. Monkey, or both?) to frame and hang on your living room wall, in your baby’s nursery, or in your office at work?

Let’s see… How ’bout the first 10 people to give me an original idea that won’t cost me a lot of money to produce (like with props and stuff) and won’t harm my 30-year-old puppet, will receive an autographed 8×10 (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, which will give me enough time to take the picture and get the money to mail copies)?

Disclaimer: In order to receive a picture 1) you must be a subscriber; 2) you must give me an address to mail the picture; and 3) my wife has to approve of all this nonsense.

Even if you don’t want a picture (tell me, but try not to hurt my feelings), please leave some suggestions for future videos.


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7 responses to “Monday Monkey Suggestions

  1. I typed this once but my phone is not cooperating. Ideas (sorry if you did them and I forgot or dumb ideas):
    Mm rides a bus
    Mm interviews for job (make wife interviewer),
    Mm preaches a sermon
    Mm’s version of the good samaritan
    Mm builds an ark (not sure if cost effective)
    These top of my head.

  2. I do not have any ideas at the moment, but I learned a little bit of what your days must be like.
    One of the bus aides was sick today, and I was volunteered to fill in seeing as it was on a bus with some of the kiddos in my classroom.
    I had an hour of one girl who never stopped talking, a boy who complained about every little thing, a boy who had a paper-cut and you would have thought it was the end of the world, two boys in a loud disagreement over who was in their proper seat, one boy who fell asleep and almost fell off of his seat (even with the seatbelt on), and a girl whose medication wore off and she felt it was time to go crazy!

    It was kind of fun! And easier than being in my classroom all day!

    • My days? I have nightmares about it, too! Just kidding…..sorta.

      • I understand completely. You should have seen my arms just before Christmas break! You would have thought I had been in a fight with two cats, a dog, and gila monster (I live in Arizona. Look it up)! I was not ready to come back after two weeks off! The bus thing was actually pretty easy in comparison.

      • Just can’t get away from little monsters no matter where we go, can we? But seriously, I respect your job. I’m glad mine only lasts a few hours a day.

  3. Lol!

    Sorry, delete second send if want. Phone is weird. Said first didn’t go through.

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