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I “Beck” to Differ

For Starters

Let me be very honest about several things.

  • As a radio and television personality, I really like the politically conservative Glenn Beck.
    • I would jump at the opportunity to have lunch with him.
    • His love for America and our Christian heritage is admirable.
    • I consider him a great guy, and have no hate whatsoever towards him.
    • I’d rather have him (or Mitt Romney) as president than Obama any day.
  • I believe Liberty University has a lot to offer on many levels.
    • Liberty is a large, influential Christian university.
    • Liberty has a strong heritage of proclaiming the faith.
    • I’m sure the folks at Liberty want nothing less than the best for their students.
    • I almost attended college there, myself.

Let me be very clear about some other things, too.

  1. Although a great American, Glenn Beck is a Mormon, NOT a Christian.
  2. Liberty University is supposed to be a Christian University, not a political party university.
  3. Mormons might be outstanding moral people, but Mormonism is NOT just another Christian denomination; it is a totally different religion based on the teachings of Joseph Smith, not the Bible.
  4. Those who object to a Mormon missionary giving the convocation at Liberty University are not “haters,” but lovers of the Christian faith who want nothing more than to “take heed” to our doctrine (1 Timothy 4:16) and protect it from error (Titus 1:9).


Glen Beck’s Response

In response to the criticism still being leveled at Liberty University for allowing the likes of Mitt Romney and himself speak to the students during graduation convocations, Mr. Beck said the following on his program (as reported in the Christian Post):

(Credit: Reuters)

(Credit: Reuters)

“There is no difference between you and the people who are trying to run other people out of the square. See this is the reason why progressives are so frightening. This is why you lose a lot of people. This is why your churches are dwindling. You think you’re standing for something when instead you’re standing for hate and bigotry and I think Jesus was hanging out with prostitutes and sinners wasn’t he?”

My Response to Mr. Beck’s Response

In response to the above quote, I would first like to say I’m sorry, but hanging out with “prostitutes and sinners” in order to love them and show them a better way, THE Way to life eternal, is not the same as asking the “prostitutes and sinners” to promote their erroneous philosophies of life to young and impressionable graduates!

Also, it is no more “hate and bigotry” to seek to protect the gospel of Jesus Christ from those who would pollute it with poisonous error than it is “hate and bigotry” to protect a life-saving vaccine from those who would want to add a little arsenic in the name of “diversity.”

Lastly, I would rather see the Church lose “a lot of people” than have the Church be made up of people who are deceived into thinking they are actually a part. In order to be an orthodox Christian, one must believe that Jesus is the Christ, the one-and-only Son of the Eternal Father, not one of many celestial children born to one of a countless number of humans elevated to godhood.

Had Glenn Beck been around during the time described in John chapter 6, I wonder if he would have labeled Jesus a “hater,” or a “bigot?” I wonder if he would have ran after those who walked away and said, “Wait, don’t leave the square! Jesus didn’t know any better! He was just trying to stand for something!

 Hey, Glenn! I’m still available for lunch!


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Interim Post

Stand In

You know what an “interim” is, don’t you? He is the “stand in guy” that fills the gap between somebody who’s been fired, and somebody a group of people actually want. It’s a very under-appreciated position.

Well, this is an interim post. It is a post meant to keep my readership amused and engaged while I frantically think of something more important; something worth reading; something you want.

Next Post

The next post I am going to submit is going to be a little diddy about a school named Liberty University and a Mormon named Romney. I wanted to write something the day Mitt Romney spoke at Liberty’s commencement, but I held off. I’m glad I did.

The Meantime

I the meantime, I have a question. What do you think of the look of The Recovering Legalist? Do you think it needs any changes? Should it stay the same? I am beginning to wonder.

If you are a blogger on WordPress, maybe you could suggest a new theme. Or, maybe you could suggest how to tweak this one. Either way, let me know your thoughts. I want my blog to be inviting and easy to read.

One more thing…

Do you have any suggestions for Monday Monkey? We are coming up on our 25th episode pretty soon. I still have some ideas up my sleeve, but suggestions would be welcome.

I tell you what, if I use your suggestion for an upcoming episode, I’ll send you an autographed picture (made on my laser printer, but signed with a genuine Sharpie)!


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