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Monday Monkey (Monkey Ain’t a Preacher) Episode 32

He’s Back!

It has been a long while, but due to popular demand by at least two popular people, Mr. Monkey is back with a new episode.

What is about?  Well, just watch it.


By the way, forgive the production quality of this episode. I was sleepy. But hey, I played a mean ukulele!


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Monday Monkey “Jumping On the Bed” (Episode 25)

Check it out! Our 25th Monday Monkey!

This is a very special episode of Monday (yes, I know it’s Tuesday) Monkey. Mr. Monkey (a.k.a. Buddy) had an accident while jumping on the bed. He fell off and bumped his head.

Actually, I had to take my wife to the emergency room this morning (for real). Being a good steward of God’s money (what He let’s me have of it), I figured I would take advantage of having thousands of dollars of medical equipment at my disposal, at least when the doctors weren’t looking.

Do you have any idea how much it would have cost to do this video if I had wanted to use an actual hospital? Oh, wait…it is costing a lot.

Here are three life lessons to learn from this episode of Monday Monkey…

  1. When your momma tells you to stop jumping on the bed, do it. If you don’t, you might fall off and bump your head.
  2. Doctors can think of thousands of reasons for conducting tests that have nothing to do with your actual complaint.
  3. Always carry a monkey with you wherever you go. Life can be the best movie set.

“Jumping On the Bed”


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Monday Monkey “Heat Wave!” (Episode 24)

Time to Cool Off!

It’s good to be back! Some friends have been asking where Mr. Monkey (Buddy) was and when there would be another video.

Here it is!

“Heat Wave!”

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Monday Monkey “The Mirror” (Episode 20)

Can you believe this is the 20th episode of Monday Monkey?!

Woo Hoo! Let’s go swing from a tree! Or a light fixture. Anyone have cake? A card with money?

Anyway, I have been under a lot of deadlines, so I apologize for no video over the last few weeks. This one was just thrown together, though. I knew I had to post something, or my fans might seek other monkeys on Monday. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Mirror



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