Monday Monkey (Monkey Ain’t a Preacher) Episode 32

He’s Back!

It has been a long while, but due to popular demand by at least two popular people, Mr. Monkey is back with a new episode.

What is about?  Well, just watch it.


By the way, forgive the production quality of this episode. I was sleepy. But hey, I played a mean ukulele!


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7 responses to “Monday Monkey (Monkey Ain’t a Preacher) Episode 32

  1. roy cavender

    I Like it!!!!!!!

  2. Ahh. The tutu made my day. Fabulous!

  3. Can I add, wearing a tie doesn’t make you a pastor as well!

  4. Love the head banging piece! Reminds me of a few “preachers”.

    • I had to see the head banging monkey again! Might have to save this for my own entertainment. Love it!

      • I usually lean forward on my elbow and point a finger for effect, but when my suit is slick and the pulpit has been waxed, there is a real danger I may bang my head.I must be careful, or I might end up looking like Mr. Monkey.

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