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Monday Monkey (Monkey Ain’t a Preacher) Episode 32

He’s Back!

It has been a long while, but due to popular demand by at least two popular people, Mr. Monkey is back with a new episode.

What is about?  Well, just watch it.


By the way, forgive the production quality of this episode. I was sleepy. But hey, I played a mean ukulele!


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Monday Monkey “Monkeys Hate Alarm Clocks” (Episode 29)

Keeping With the Times

Yes, in keeping with the “times,” I have produced another video with a clock in it. The last one I made stirred up a long string of comments and heated debate.

Maybe the atheists will approve of this one. (insert winking smiley face)

Oh! I almost forgot! Check out my daughter Katie’s photo blog, Shutter Elf. She is a great little photographer, and she is responsible for a couple of shots in the video.


No monkeys, whether alive or not, were harmed during the making of this video. Also, no hammers were harmed in the making of the video, either.

“Monkeys Hate Alarm Clocks”

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