Walk Slowly (another Monday Monkey episode!)

Surely you have seen it…the heroes of a movie walking slowly toward the screen.

Remember The Right Stuff? Remember how the astronauts, wearing their space suits, walked slowly through the steam?

Remember the scene in the 2005 movie Kicking and Screaming where Will Ferrell and his young soccer team, covered in blood after a day at the butcher shop, walked onto the field? They walked slowly, of course, and scared the other team into forfeiting.

Whenever want to make an on-screen impression that says, “I’m bad and I mean business,” walk toward the camera in slow motion. It never fails.

Oh! I almost forgot! You’ve also got to have some cool music with some punch and a good bass riff as a background track. Fortunately for me, iMovie had one I could use πŸ˜‰

That’s why today’s Monday Monkey, the 1st one of 2014, kicks “beehind” (Baptist dirty word) and takes names.

Walk Slowly


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9 responses to “Walk Slowly (another Monday Monkey episode!)

  1. I’ll say this, you put together a great youtube

  2. Chris Jordan

    I must admit, this was my first Monday Monkey episode… but your write-up about it caught my attention and interest, and I quite enjoyed it! Might have to go back and watch some more… πŸ™‚

    • Dude, then you must watch my favorite, “There’s a Monkey at the Wheel.” It’s my first ever music video (all done on my phone) and features a former American Idol contestant singing.

      • Chris Jordan

        I checked out your youtube page, but couldn’t find one with the name “monkey at the wheel” in the title – does it have a different name?

      • Actually, you could go to the new tab I put at the top of my blog. But I emailed you a link.

      • Chris Jordan

        Found it. Laughed out loud. Now on guard against monkeys behind the wheel on the road. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh. My. Funny. Bone. Has. Been. Tickled.
    Love it!!

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