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Mr. Monkey Endorses My Book

Just for fun, I am reblogging this post from several years ago (I do miss that study).

If you’ve never read my book, you can still order it. It’s a good read, even though I don’t drive a school bus anymore.

A Monkey’s Endorsement 

If you have been waiting to hear glowing endorsements before purchasing my book Life Lessons from the School Bus, then wait no longer.

On today’s edition of “Monday Monkey” Mr. Monkey will share a few words regarding the book and our friendship.


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Do You Write Good?

“Some people have a way with words; others have not way with the words.”

– A. Baker

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On the Fly Writing and Posting

I’m sitting on my school bus waiting for the kids to come running out to load up and go home. I’m writing this on my iPhone. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s raw, in the moment, unedited.

Like my last three posts, I’m doing something now that I want to try more often: writing on the fly. This way my emotions are fresh, my thoughts are still evolving, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

And besides, sometimes long posts on Facebook seem more like grandstanding. Might as well write a blog post.

So, I hope you enjoy these “on the fly” iPhone entries. They won’t become the norm, but you’ll see them more often, for sure.

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Mr. Monkey Endorses My Book

If you have been waiting to hear glowing endorsements before purchasing my new book Life Lessons from the School Bus, then wait no longer.

On today’s edition of “Monday Monkey” Mr. Monkey will share a few words regarding the book and our friendship.

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“Life Lessons” Now Available

Here’s a quick note to all my followers and subscribers.

If you will look down to the left in the widget column, there you will see the cover of my new little book, Life Lessons from the School Bus. You can click on that picture and find a link to where you can purchase it.

I really have high hopes for this new book. The feedback I’ve already gotten has been nothing but positive. One objective person who read the finished draft told me, “You did good; it hit the mark.”

A sample page - And yes, I did the illustrations :-)

A sample page – And yes, I did the illustrations 🙂

Life Lessons from the School Bus is not just for bus drivers; it’s for everybody. But let me tell you, if you have ever ridden on a school bus, driven a school bus, worked with kids, or even had a second job – this bus is definitely for you!

Inside the book you will find 20 different stories (Route Stops). Each true story is followed up with a “Life Lesson” and a few “Route Suggestions” to follow. The picture to the right is an example of one page.

In case you are wondering, I did do several posts on this blog a while ago entitled “Life Lessons from the School Bus.” However, the book includes stories not published on this blog. Even the ones that are included in the book that were originally written here have been modified or expanded.

I promise, you will find this book a fun, quick read that you will want to share with others – after you buy them their own copy, of course.

If you’d like to buy larger quantities for whatever reason, just make a note to the publisher.


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Proverbial Thoughts


proverbial thought pictureEvery once in a while I do a commercial for Proverbial Thought. It is my other site which features several others and me commenting daily on the book of Proverbs. Every day we share personal thoughts based on life experience and study of the selected scripture.

Just recently Chris Jordan wrote a post (which I can’t find) on his blog which listed several of the last posts he had written on Proverbial Thought. That’s when I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do that?”

So, below you will find links to a few “thoughts” I’ve had. I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to subscribe to Proverbial Thought and receive some real wisdom (not necessarily from me) on a daily basis.

Ye ol’ Proverbial Links

Generous Eyes (Prov. 22:9)

Just Wait Till You Get Home (Prov. 24:19-20)

Kissing the Truth (Prov. 24:23-26)

Muddied Water (Prov. 25:26)

Happy HUMP DAY! Go camel..go camel…go camel…

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Your Strength Is Your Enemy

Proverbial Sermon

If you don’t go to church anywhere, you could listen to an edited message of mine that will air on local radio this evening (Sundays at 5 pm on WFLI, AM 1070).

I recently was impressed by a post that Chris Jordan did for Proverbial Thought (one of my other blogs); it really convicted me of my need to be stronger in the face of adversity. Chris commented on Proverbs 24:10, which says: “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.”

The next day, however, when I followed Chris’ post by commenting on Proverbs 24:11-12, I found a nugget of gold that was not lying on the surface; it had to be dug out of the mine. That little nugget became the basis for this sermon.

If you have a few minutes, take a listen. What you hear might just encourage you.


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A “Like” Getter

As I get ready to head off to the land of slumber, let me leave you with a precious poem which will encourage, strengthen, and uplift your spirits. It’s like one of those you see on Facebook every day.

Roses are red and violets are blue.

I’ve always known that, and so have you.

Puppies are sweet and faithful and fun;

The world would be sad if we had none.

So share this sweet poem with all your friends.

Hit the “like” button again and again!

If you love God, your mother, your children, puppies, kittens, or the Baby Jesus in a manger, you will now forward this poem and post it on your wall. If you don’t, millions of demonic monkeys will arise from the abyss, come into your kitchen, and then dirty every stinking dish in your house!

cute nuggetFor the love of all that is holy and pure; for the love of children; for health and decency; “like” and share this poem – a precious poem which made you feel warm and fuzzy – or you just might find yourself in everlasting torment wishing you had at least one more Facebook friend to message.

Blessings! 😉

Aren’t manipulative Facebook posts wonderful?


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“Freshly Pressed” High, then Reality

Woo Hoo!

I was so thrilled when I was told this blog was going to be featured on “Freshly Pressed.” I was literally ecstatic (well, let me make sure of the definition – a trance-like state of joy or delight – OK, that’s good), really I was.

Just the thought that this wee widdle bwog was chosen out of so many thousands was mind blowing. It was better than when I got the Perfect Attendence Award in 3rd grade! Or was it 4th grade? Or was it the spelling bee?

Anyway, on October 1st my recorded views gradually climbed and climbed, peaking out at 942 by midnight. Wow! Never in one day has so many people come to read anything I had ever written. Wow!


Then October 2nd came. Wow! Several hundred views in one day. Not too bad, little camper!

And then all the other days came…and went…with gradually declining numbers. It was like watching Enron‘s stock prices fall. It was like I was watching my stats try to break the sound barrier after leaping from a record height.

But it was all right. I knew that going in. I knew there were no promises that I would become an award-winning blogger overnight, all because of some silly award-like gift from the blogging mega-minds at WordPress. I mean, after all, I did get a few followers and a whole lot of “likes” (to which I have not yet finished replying – sorry).

Oh Hooey!

No, the real problem was that once the initial high was over, I had to face reality. Only 1000 views in a day? Are you kidding? I was excited about nearly 1000 views in a day?

Do you realize that there are blogs out there that receive tens of thousands of views a day? Let me spell that out – Tee Eee Enn Thous Ain’t Nothin’. Whatever.

If getting thousands of views a day means I  have to become another Perez Hilton, forget it.

Oh Hey!

Thanks, though, for all of you who regularly stop by to read my nonsense. You are appreciated. All 15 of you.

Now back to writing about stuff that matters. My wife just told me, “You keep writing stuff like that, and if it were me, I would quit coming back to see what you wrote – all that ‘just to write‘ stuff doesn’t interest me. Just saying.”

Next Topic: How NOT to Encourage Your Spouse


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An Informal Post

This is just an informal note to all my readers that nothing formal is going to be published on this blog until I finish my research papers that are due by the 11th of this month (taking a deeeeep breath).

Sooooo…since you will be being (I love that, “be being”) deprived of in-depth analysis of most things irrelevant, why not take a look at another blog to which I contribute (or, “which I contribute to,” if you prefer ending with a preposition).


Proverbial Thought is a daily devotional/commentary on the book of Proverbs. Several other writers, along with myself, daily take a proverb (not just a verse, even though most proverbs are only one verse) and share our thoughts. It’s more than a typical commentary…it’s a testimony to real-life examples of how biblical wisdom is expressed.

In the meantime, be thinking of me. I’ve got eight days to do what should have been done weeks ago.

Have a great day!


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