A “Like” Getter

As I get ready to head off to the land of slumber, let me leave you with a precious poem which will encourage, strengthen, and uplift your spirits. It’s like one of those you see on Facebook every day.

Roses are red and violets are blue.

I’ve always known that, and so have you.

Puppies are sweet and faithful and fun;

The world would be sad if we had none.

So share this sweet poem with all your friends.

Hit the “like” button again and again!

If you love God, your mother, your children, puppies, kittens, or the Baby Jesus in a manger, you will now forward this poem and post it on your wall. If you don’t, millions of demonic monkeys will arise from the abyss, come into your kitchen, and then dirty every stinking dish in your house!

cute nuggetFor the love of all that is holy and pure; for the love of children; for health and decency; “like” and share this poem – a precious poem which made you feel warm and fuzzy – or you just might find yourself in everlasting torment wishing you had at least one more Facebook friend to message.

Blessings! 😉

Aren’t manipulative Facebook posts wonderful?


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2 responses to “A “Like” Getter

  1. But I’m so afraid of the demonic monkeys! What is they’re real. I’d better like this just in case…

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