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Are You a Cracked Vase?

Have you ever had one of those times when you felt the Holy Spirit was at work, using you in a special, sorta like He’s-in-control-not-me kind of way?

Today was one of those days. 

Every day at around 2pm I do a live, short devotional  for our church members. That’s what the following video is, only uploaded to the church YouTube channel.

Have you ever felt that God can no longer use you? Have you ever felt like your best days of ministry are behind you? Are you a cracked vase?

This message is for you! 


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An Informal Post

This is just an informal note to all my readers that nothing formal is going to be published on this blog until I finish my research papers that are due by the 11th of this month (taking a deeeeep breath).

Sooooo…since you will be being (I love that, “be being”) deprived of in-depth analysis of most things irrelevant, why not take a look at another blog to which I contribute (or, “which I contribute to,” if you prefer ending with a preposition).


Proverbial Thought is a daily devotional/commentary on the book of Proverbs. Several other writers, along with myself, daily take a proverb (not just a verse, even though most proverbs are only one verse) and share our thoughts. It’s more than a typical commentary…it’s a testimony to real-life examples of how biblical wisdom is expressed.

In the meantime, be thinking of me. I’ve got eight days to do what should have been done weeks ago.

Have a great day!


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