“Freshly Pressed” High, then Reality

Woo Hoo!

I was so thrilled when I was told this blog was going to be featured on “Freshly Pressed.” I was literally ecstatic (well, let me make sure of the definition – a trance-like state of joy or delight – OK, that’s good), really I was.

Just the thought that this wee widdle bwog was chosen out of so many thousands was mind blowing. It was better than when I got the Perfect Attendence Award in 3rd grade! Or was it 4th grade? Or was it the spelling bee?

Anyway, on October 1st my recorded views gradually climbed and climbed, peaking out at 942 by midnight. Wow! Never in one day has so many people come to read anything I had ever written. Wow!


Then October 2nd came. Wow! Several hundred views in one day. Not too bad, little camper!

And then all the other days came…and went…with gradually declining numbers. It was like watching Enron‘s stock prices fall. It was like I was watching my stats try to break the sound barrier after leaping from a record height.

But it was all right. I knew that going in. I knew there were no promises that I would become an award-winning blogger overnight, all because of some silly award-like gift from the blogging mega-minds at WordPress. I mean, after all, I did get a few followers and a whole lot of “likes” (to which I have not yet finished replying – sorry).

Oh Hooey!

No, the real problem was that once the initial high was over, I had to face reality. Only 1000 views in a day? Are you kidding? I was excited about nearly 1000 views in a day?

Do you realize that there are blogs out there that receive tens of thousands of views a day? Let me spell that out – Tee Eee Enn Thous Ain’t Nothin’. Whatever.

If getting thousands of views a day means I  have to become another Perez Hilton, forget it.

Oh Hey!

Thanks, though, for all of you who regularly stop by to read my nonsense. You are appreciated. All 15 of you.

Now back to writing about stuff that matters. My wife just told me, “You keep writing stuff like that, and if it were me, I would quit coming back to see what you wrote – all that ‘just to write‘ stuff doesn’t interest me. Just saying.”

Next Topic: How NOT to Encourage Your Spouse


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19 responses to ““Freshly Pressed” High, then Reality

  1. WordPress is an enigma. Stats rise and fall for no obvious reason. At least you know what caused your bubble. I can’t get them to put me up on the humor topic wall thing anymore. All my posts used to go there. It is my one permanant tag, and I type it in, with and without a capital C. Sure, I do one post titled ‘Sitting on the toilet’, saw it pop up as a tag option, clicked it cause I thought it was funny, and ended up ‘sitting’ on that topic wall for 2 weeks.

    • Anthony Baker

      An enigma wrapped in a blue circle.

      One thing I have been trying to do, recently, is look at my stats more closely (what there are of them). There are certain topics that tag better than others, of course. Funny thing, though…this is primarily a “religious” blog, but the most view I get are when I write about food. There you go!

      May you could write about “Eating on the toilet”?

    • I cannot wait to read your pooping unicorn post. Whoo hoo!

      • It is back there somewhere. The title has all those words in it if you do a search. I wanted it to be easy to find. I warn you, it is a slightly unique take on the subject. And there are some funny pictures.

  2. Better one handful with
    than two handfuls with toil
    and chasing after the wind.
    Ecclesiastes 4:6

  3. kzackuslheureux

    I didn’t see you get Pressed Fresh, 😦 Sorry, but I like this one, and I read it, too! Stupid people liking my stuff without even reading it, it must happen to others too, I had to clarify 😀 hee hee, Best to you Buddy!

  4. Great job man! Keep up the good work!

  5. Al Eddy

    Your a good writer just keep blogging about what you are passionate about and glad you are feeling better.

  6. Totally understand! I’ve never been featured on “Freshly Pressed,” but I wrote a post last week that got me the most views I’ve ever gotten… and then watching it decline since then has been a little discouraging. But hey, it all takes time, I guess!

  7. I may have to disagree with your wife just slightly. I love your humor posts! The one about Nilla wafers made me laugh out loud.

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