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“Life Lessons” Now Available

Here’s a quick note to all my followers and subscribers.

If you will look down to the left in the widget column, there you will see the cover of my new little book, Life Lessons from the School Bus. You can click on that picture and find a link to where you can purchase it.

I really have high hopes for this new book. The feedback I’ve already gotten has been nothing but positive. One objective person who read the finished draft told me, “You did good; it hit the mark.”

A sample page - And yes, I did the illustrations :-)

A sample page – And yes, I did the illustrations 🙂

Life Lessons from the School Bus is not just for bus drivers; it’s for everybody. But let me tell you, if you have ever ridden on a school bus, driven a school bus, worked with kids, or even had a second job – this bus is definitely for you!

Inside the book you will find 20 different stories (Route Stops). Each true story is followed up with a “Life Lesson” and a few “Route Suggestions” to follow. The picture to the right is an example of one page.

In case you are wondering, I did do several posts on this blog a while ago entitled “Life Lessons from the School Bus.” However, the book includes stories not published on this blog. Even the ones that are included in the book that were originally written here have been modified or expanded.

I promise, you will find this book a fun, quick read that you will want to share with others – after you buy them their own copy, of course.

If you’d like to buy larger quantities for whatever reason, just make a note to the publisher.


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Thursday Thoughts (Terrific Offer)

Happy Summer!

Yes, summer is officially here. How do I know? Because I am no longer driving a school bus every day, that’s how.

However, not driving the bus can be both good and bad. For example…

  • Good – not having to get up with the roosters; not having to cut the middle of my day short; not cleaning up puke in a 115 degree (Fahrenheit) vehicle.
  • Bad – less income for nearly 12 weeks. That’s a BIG bad point.
  • Good –  I’ll be able to focus more on my credit card servicing business (which means more income in the long run).
  • Bad – Honey-do lists.

Happier Offer!

Here’s a happy summertime offer to all of you dear, sweet, can’t-live-without-you readers and subscribers: buy one of my books and I’ll sign it for you!

book coverOK, here’s the deal. If you trust me (you should), mail me $20 (cash or check) and I will personally autograph a copy of Proverbial Thought (volume one) and mail it back to you. Seriously!

That’s a great deal! Right now, the last time I checked, the book costs more than that on Amazon.com. So, for less than you can order it on-line, I will mail you a copy (in the U.S.), but it will be signed by your’s truly. Happy, right?

And, if you’d like, I will write in the book whatever you want, just as long as you don’t ask me to write anything similar to the following:

  • “I love you! We’ll be together soon!”
  • “Dear _____, upon my death I leave you all my earthly goods.”
  • “Obama is my hero, too! Yes, we can!”
  • (Profanity of any kind)
  • “The next books are free!”

NOTE: If you want to use a credit card, email me and maybe we can work something else out.

If you are interested in this sweet, summertime, sign-a-rific deal, mail your $20 and a return mailing address to the address below:

Rev. Anthony Baker
c/o Riverside Baptist Church
3335 Boydston Road
Chattanooga, TN 37419

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Warren-ting a Response

photo (23)

This past weekend our youth went to the beautiful Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Snow was still on the ground in the Smokey Mountains as we rolled in Friday night.

There at the conference center was a Lifeway bookstore where tons of students would take time between sessions to go shopping.

photo (22)As it happened, I was standing in line, looking at an end cap stocked with Rick Warren’s new thing, The Daniel Plan, when I started some small talk with a young man in line behind me.

Me: It’s not that complicated, you know?

Student: What’s that?

Me: The Daniel Plan, it’s really not that complicated. It can be summed up in two simple steps.

Student: Really, like how?

Me: First, you go and get yourself captured by a foreign nation and held captive for a while. That’s the first step, and it always makes you lose weight. Second, just eat vegetables. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

Student: (With a puzzled look) It that all it’s about? Really?

Me: Oh, I don’t know, but that’s all the Bible really tells us about Daniel’s weight-loss plan: get captured; eat veggies.

Student: Then what else did you write about?

Me: (Equally puzzled at this moment) Huh?

rick warrenStudent: You wrote the book…you are Rick Warren, right?

Me: What?! Heck no! Wait, do you want my autograph? Buy one of the books and I’ll sign it.

Student: You’re not Rick Warren?

Me: No, sorry, I’m not.

Student: I guess that makes more sense, then. I was wondering why you would be standing in line staring at your own books.

Do I really look like Rick Warren? Really?


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