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Thursday Thoughts (Terrific Offer)

Happy Summer!

Yes, summer is officially here. How do I know? Because I am no longer driving a school bus every day, that’s how.

However, not driving the bus can be both good and bad. For example…

  • Good – not having to get up with the roosters; not having to cut the middle of my day short; not cleaning up puke in a 115 degree (Fahrenheit) vehicle.
  • Bad – less income for nearly 12 weeks. That’s a BIG bad point.
  • Good –  I’ll be able to focus more on my credit card servicing business (which means more income in the long run).
  • Bad – Honey-do lists.

Happier Offer!

Here’s a happy summertime offer to all of you dear, sweet, can’t-live-without-you readers and subscribers: buy one of my books and I’ll sign it for you!

book coverOK, here’s the deal. If you trust me (you should), mail me $20 (cash or check) and I will personally autograph a copy of Proverbial Thought (volume one) and mail it back to you. Seriously!

That’s a great deal! Right now, the last time I checked, the book costs more than that on Amazon.com. So, for less than you can order it on-line, I will mail you a copy (in the U.S.), but it will be signed by your’s truly. Happy, right?

And, if you’d like, I will write in the book whatever you want, just as long as you don’t ask me to write anything similar to the following:

  • “I love you! We’ll be together soon!”
  • “Dear _____, upon my death I leave you all my earthly goods.”
  • “Obama is my hero, too! Yes, we can!”
  • (Profanity of any kind)
  • “The next books are free!”

NOTE: If you want to use a credit card, email me and maybe we can work something else out.

If you are interested in this sweet, summertime, sign-a-rific deal, mail your $20 and a return mailing address to the address below:

Rev. Anthony Baker
c/o Riverside Baptist Church
3335 Boydston Road
Chattanooga, TN 37419

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