Resources from SUPER Librarian

My Friend

I have never asked him to tea, but I know he’d accept. We have never gone to a movie together, but I bet he’d go if I suggested a time. We’ve never gone on a road trip, gotten drunk together (before conversion), or vented about things no one else would understand. Nevertheless, I consider Kevin Woodruff to be my friend.

me and Kevin Woodruff

Mr. Woodruff and I at a TTU alumni banquet.

Mr. Woodruff, as I will probably always call him, was the long-time librarian at Tennessee Temple University before it closed its doors last year. Nowadays he gets to call the wonderful library at Bryan College in Dayton, TN his home (he goes somewhere else to sleep, but he lives where the books are). Bryan College, incidentally, is where my daughter, Katie, is a sophomore.

A Walking Resource

When I was attending seminary at Temple, Kevin Woodruff was the go-to man when one needed a book, an article, a journal, or some rare printed artifact needed to complete a paper. Just recently, while visiting Bryan College, I had a few minutes to myself while waiting for Katie to get out of class (we were going to eat lunch together). I went to the library and there was Mr. Woodruff, as expected, clad in his trademark blue pull-over vest.

“Hello, Anthony,” he said with a genuine smile, greeting me by name as he usually does. Small talk ensued, the beautiful library was discussed, and then I shared with him a need I had for information on a particular subject.

As soon as I expressed my need, without even putting on his cape and mask, Mr. Woodruff said, “I think can help you with that, just follow me.” Then off we trekked up a couple flights of stairs, down a long path beside rows and rows of books, till we made a left and came to an abrupt halt. After just a sweep or two with his right index finger he reached up and started pulling down volume upon volume of related texts he thought might prove useful.

My impression was not only that Mr. Woodruff knew where any book for any subject was in that vast repository of knowledge, but he had probably read most of them!

A Virtual Resource

Well, the whole reason I started writing this piece was not to praise Mr. Woodruff, but to share with you what he has compiled for his college. The resources he has brought together in one place is rather mind boggling.

If you are a student of the Bible, such as a teacher or pastor…if you are just someone who wants to dig a little deeper (or as deep as you desire)…what Kevin Woodruff has compiled (and is still updating) will prove invaluable.


Click on logo for a wealth of free Bible study resources.

Click on the Bryan College logo and you will find a link to their “Bible Study Resources” page. This is what Mr. Woodruff has put together for the glory of God.

Should you have any questions having to do with anything biblical, just give Kevin Woodruff a call – I’m sure he’d love to point you in the right direction.

Extra Credit

  • Kevin WoodruffMr. Woodruff doesn’t sleep; he indexes.
  • Mild-mannered librarian by day…mild-mannered librarian by night.
  • That’s not a blue sweater vest; that’s a θώραξ of cotton.
  • Some people think they know it all, but few do…and Mr. Woodruff taught them.
  • The world is full of geniuses, but how many of them actually got an “A” from Kevin Woodruff.


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2 responses to “Resources from SUPER Librarian

  1. A great guy and a tremendous librarian. He was always eager to help in way that were beyond my expectations. He helped me to get started researching my topic for Biblical Research and Writing at TBS. Then going to the library on the third day in row he has a stack of books waiting for me. They were his own personal books that the library didn’t have copies of but were related to my topic. Who would do that? Only Mr. Woodruff.

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