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Sunday Sermons (March 29, 2020)

For those of you who’d like to watch, I am attaching links to our “services” from each Sunday.

Most churches these days are streaming live on Facebook. If not there, then through things like Zoom, etc. I’m just excited that, even though we can’t meet in person as a congregation, more people than ever are able to hear the gospel due to this pandemic.

Coincidence? Hmmm.

Anyway, please watch, if you’d like, and share any comments you may have.

On Sunday morning I preached a sermon based on the Lyrics of “It Is Well,” by Horatio Spafford. The video recently released by the singers in Nashville pushed me over the edge on that one 😉

Sunday evening, from my office, I covered the first few verses of Acts 6. Also, my daughter, Katie, since she has come down to hold up with us while she has been let go from her job, assisted me with a couple of songs I know you will enjoy.

So, grab some popcorn (you can do it in this context) and pretend you’re joining me for church!

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Pick-n-Grin Commercial

Below is a video I just made. I made it in order to invite people over to the front porch of our parsonage (the place where the pastor of a church lives – that’s me).

I’d love for it to become a reoccurring event.

So, if you are in the Chattanooga, TN area next Friday, June 1st, come on by  – and bring your geetar

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Los Tres Guitarists

I just happened to look back over draft posts that had never been published. There I found this post, unfinished, and I don’t know why. Maybe it was simply the fact that a long weekend and an early Monday didn’t go well together.


On a January Sunday in 2013 I went to Hopkinsville, KY. There I offered the opening prayer at a benefit concert for the family of little boy that died. He was only 10.

The man in the middle is Mike Braswell. He was the little boy’s grandfather. The little boy’s name was Anthony.

While I was there, Roy Cavender (on the right), Mike, and I had our picture made. All three of us used to play in the same band. I played bass, Mike played acoustic, while Roy (a DJ and guitar instructor) played lead guitar.

I’d tell you that we all played in a Southern Gospel band, but you wouldn’t believe me. And I wouldn’t blame you, either – just look at us! Between the three of us, we’ve traveled many a blue and rocky country road.

But God is good. That’s why I prayed.



The picture was taken inside the old Princess Theater, hence the grainy quality from my iPhone.


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The Story I Love

It’s been a while since I first posted this video, but I think it’s time for a repeat.

A lot of you are new to this blog. You may not be aware that I periodically post videos on Mondays with a puppet monkey, just for fun. This video, however, is one of my favorites, and for good reason: it’s about the story I love to tell.

Benny Berry sang at our church one Sunday. That afternoon I asked if he felt like he could sing for a monkey. He raised an eyebrow, but agreed. The result was genuinely beautiful.


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International Song Writing

The People Involved

Several months ago I met (online) a young blogger and college student in the Philippines, Tactician Jenro. I was so impressed with his love for the Lord that I told my daughter to check out his blog, Greyskeil Rainbow. She did.

When my daughter read a poem that Tactician Jenro wrote, “Take my heart…and save it,” it wasn’t long before she was off to her guitar, with pencil and paper in hand, writing a song. She used the poem for the verses, adding only the chorus.

The Song

I hope you enjoy this song. Even more, I hope you will check out Greyskeil Rainbow. You not only will be blessed with this blogger’s unashamed faith, but with his art, too.

Now, just so you will have all the inside info, Katie and I recorded this in her bedroom. Yep, believe it or not, my sixteen year old girl’s bedroom was actually clean enough to set up my guitars, keyboard, mic, and 8-track. Amazing, isn’t it?

Also, I have always played a Yamaha guitar and bass (TRB 4P, if you’re interested), both of which I recorded with an open mic. The recorder is a TASCAM digital 8-track. One day I look forward to going into a good studio, but money is an issue, of course. Want to donate?

Bleeding Heart MP3

While you’re at it…

Here are some other songs I have done on my trusty little 8-track.

  • The School Bus Man Can (By the way, what happens at the end of this song really happened, which is why it’s included.)
  • 02 Dead Flies (I don’t pretend to be a singer, just a writer ;-))
  • 01 Gasoline (I did this just for fun when I was working on a drum pattern. It was never supposed to be a song, but then things progressed, it got later in the night, and I got sillier by the moment. No, I don’t do drugs.)


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Oh, How They Grow Up!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends, just don’t eat more than a third world country produces in a given year.

Today I just wanted to share a video made last night. My wife filmed my daughter and me playing guitar.

Katie is only 15, but she is growing up so fast. It was only a few months ago that she picked up a guitar and decided to play. She wanted me to teach her, but I never did…she just decided to learn without me. So, like many other things in life, I missed an irreplaceable opportunity. Thankfully, I haven’t missed everything.

The song that she sings in this video is one she sang to a sound track at church. Then, on a whim, she decided to try to play it on the piano. When she did that, she decided to pick up a guitar and learn the chords. That’s all it took.

If I had nothing else to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day, I could be thankful that God has given me the opportunity to bring up some girls that love the Lord and want to praise Him.

Just one last thing…guys, the answer is “NO.” I don’t really care what the question is. Wait till you have a job, a college education, and a reputation for serving God, then we may talk… I said “may.”

Yeah, I’m her dad.


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