International Song Writing

The People Involved

Several months ago I met (online) a young blogger and college student in the Philippines, Tactician Jenro. I was so impressed with his love for the Lord that I told my daughter to check out his blog, Greyskeil Rainbow. She did.

When my daughter read a poem that Tactician Jenro wrote, “Take my heart…and save it,” it wasn’t long before she was off to her guitar, with pencil and paper in hand, writing a song. She used the poem for the verses, adding only the chorus.

The Song

I hope you enjoy this song. Even more, I hope you will check out Greyskeil Rainbow. You not only will be blessed with this blogger’s unashamed faith, but with his art, too.

Now, just so you will have all the inside info, Katie and I recorded this in her bedroom. Yep, believe it or not, my sixteen year old girl’s bedroom was actually clean enough to set up my guitars, keyboard, mic, and 8-track. Amazing, isn’t it?

Also, I have always played a Yamaha guitar and bass (TRB 4P, if you’re interested), both of which I recorded with an open mic. The recorder is a TASCAM digital 8-track. One day I look forward to going into a good studio, but money is an issue, of course. Want to donate?

Bleeding Heart MP3

While you’re at it…

Here are some other songs I have done on my trusty little 8-track.

  • The School Bus Man Can (By the way, what happens at the end of this song really happened, which is why it’s included.)
  • 02 Dead Flies (I don’t pretend to be a singer, just a writer ;-))
  • 01 Gasoline (I did this just for fun when I was working on a drum pattern. It was never supposed to be a song, but then things progressed, it got later in the night, and I got sillier by the moment. No, I don’t do drugs.)


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4 responses to “International Song Writing

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  2. Enjoyed that. Also School Bus Man and Dead Flies. Availability on iTunes?

  3. Thank you very much for the song and for featuring my blog in your post. I feel glad and humbled. May God bless you more and your daughter, Katie, sir!

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