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My Initial Thoughts On the 2020 Election Results

You have your opinions. I have mine.

It is hard to believe that I live in America. By that I mean it is hard to believe that the America I grew up with – one where people were patriotic, respected the office of leaders, and never considered sabotaging the whole electoral system – is the one in which people are so divided and the party platforms are so morally different.

Now that I think about it, there was a time when this country was equally divided, even more so, and that was a time when we took up arms to kill our brothers at the other end of our carbines and canon. Some have said that’s where we are headed once more. I hope not.

But I wonder, without scouring the history books (that haven’t been revised by modern liberals), I wonder if the people of our nation back in the 1860’s were as angry, manipulative, disrespectful, self-serving, God-hating, perverse, and vindictive as they are today? I kinda doubt it.

I mean, from the history that I’ve read, both the North and the South had men and women of honor and principle who differed to the point of war, but did so with integrity. How else did we become the most powerful nation on Earth? A nation that could never move past a political defeat, or even a military one, could never later unify as a patriotic people to defeat the Nazis, the Imperial Japanese, and even the Russia of the Cold War.

So, for four years after an embarrassing and unexpected defeat, the Democrat Party and RINOs (Republican In Name Only) have done nothing but seethe with anger and resentment for President Trump and have sought, through any means necessary, to undermine the President, even at the expense of the American people.

The reason we are where we are today is not because of differing ideologies or political worldviews. The reason we are in the shape we are in this very moment, a state of utter confusion and distrust of the political and electoral system, is not because Donald Trump talked dirty in a locker room or tweeted something “un-presidential.”

The reason we are boarding up our stores, banks, pharmacies, and places of worship is not because we are being invaded by an army of locusts or facing down the barrel of a Cat5 hurricane.

The reason we are in this mess the day after the election is not because President Trump colluded with a foreign power, was an inept leader, or that he has been the worst and most embarrassing president ever.

The REAL reason we are where we are today, right this moment, is because an uninformed, maliciously-educated, biblically-illiterate electorate was lied to, mislead, manipulated, used as pawns, incited, and incentivized by a perennially-corrupt, morally-bankrupt, socially-manipulative, traitorous main-stream media whose sole purpose for the last four years has been to overturn the election of a man they knew would not push forward a socialistic, barbaric, evil, “progressive” agenda.

There is NO reason, other than because of fomented hatred for the current President, that a sane, informed, patriotic, educated, God-fearing public would vote to have a bona fide corrupt politician with cognitive disabilities, along with Che Guevara’s dream groupie, lead them!

If the main-stream news media, along with the supporting entertainment industry, both nothing more than extensions of the Democrat Party, would have given credit where credit is due, then a three-time Nobel Prize-nominated, promise-keeping, job-creating, peace deal making President would have no problem getting re-elected. But all the average person hears is “Orange Man Bad!”

Mark my words, the media that will side so heavily with one party to corrupt the perceptions of the general populace in order to secure power and force a corrupt and immoral agenda will find no security in the eventual government they hope to bring about.

If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead. A lying tongue hates its victims, and flattering words cause ruin. – Proverbs 26:27-28 NLT

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.


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Why Have a Church Website?

The following is a link to a post I wrote for our new church website.

The name of the new blog is

Thru the Red Doors

Click on the church logo to read the article.


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Too Black?

Writer’s Wall

This morning, before I got out of bed, I told my wife, “I just want to write!” Last night I went to bed with thoughts I wanted to express, but were wondering which to tackle first. Writing, of course, is one of the most therapeutic exercises for relieving stress and clearing one’s mind, but some of what I want to write about face some barriers to my sensibilities.

“It’s not like I have writer’s block…” I said, as my wife looked at me with a look that implied indifference to my struggle – which is a common expression from those who don’t understand the need to pound a computer keyboard – “…it’s like I have ‘writer’s wall‘!”

Do any of you understand what I talking about? It’s like there are a ton of things worth discussing, but what will happen when I write about them? For example, I seriously want to write about the “F” word and its usage. Also, there’s all the curse words like “damn” and “go to hell” that need to be realistically addressed in the light of atheism. What do you think the reaction from my conservative readership would be? How could I set those up?

Another topic would be the definitions of “racism” and “racist.” Personally, I believe that without a biblical worldview and the Christian faith, the whole subject of racism is an ironic joke unwittingly perpetrated on a daily basis by millions upon millions. Yet, what would be the repercussions should I even approach that topic? Would I get banned from social media without even getting to make my point?

It’s not like I have nothing to write about; it’s just that there’s so much which poses a real challenge, even a danger, to put into print. Unfortunately, that only adds to unwanted stress.

Racist Coffee

So, as I was trying to decide if or what I would write about, I made the seemingly innocuous decision to make a Saturday-morning pot of coffee. If anything was going to get done this morning, besides the rest of the activities and chores which the rest of the day holds, a good cup of coffee made perfect sense.

Using a conventional Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker, I poured in the right amount of water, to begin with, and then placed in the filter to hold the grounds. For some unknown reason, possibly the result of criminal activity, I could not find my usual tool to measure out the appropriate amount of ground coffee to put in the filter; therefore, I selected a previously-unused measuring spoon from the counter drawer and put it to use.

A few minutes later – and not a minute too soon – the coffee maker beeped at me, signifying the coffee-making process had finished and my morning caffeine  was ready for consumption. Unfortunately, as soon as I poured the freshly-brewed coffee into my white ceramic mug, the blackness of the liquid signaled something went wrong. Obviously, the previously-unused measuring spoon resulted in me using too many coffee grounds for the amount of water in the pot.

The coffee was now too dark, too “black.”

Immediately…not like I had a chance to jokingly come up with it…immediately…just as soon as I looked down into my white cup with the “too black” coffee!…the thought came into my mind, “Great! All I wanted was a cup of coffee, and now I’m a racist.”

Folks, when you can’t even make a simple cup of coffee in the morning without the constant drumming of media messaging and labeling affecting completely unrelated actions, society…civilized society…is in big, big, trouble.

I looked at my coffee, then sat down to write. 


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Chattanooga Shooting (My Town)

I would appreciate it if you would think of my city when you pray. Intercede, if you would, for our city’s leadership and citizens. The main thing we need at this point is calm. 4 Marines and 1 Chattanooga police officer were shot.

All we know at this point is that the news is unpredictable – it changes moment from moment. From what I have heard, a shooter attacked a local Navy recruiting center close to Chattanooga State Community College, and then went to the river park, where, it seems, he was killed.

From what we have heard, this is no longer an active situation.

What a violent, godless world we live in. But the things that make a difference are people caring for each other and knowing the love of God is stronger than the hate of the world.

The police officer that was shot is reported to be in stable condition.

I am sure more information will become available in the coming hours, especially on the national news media. I just wanted my readers to hear from a resident in real time.

Let’s just hope this wasn’t a cell, and the shooter who is dead was the only one.

Just pray for Chattanooga, today. Let’s have the same kind of character as Charleston has shown.

It’s a small world, isn’t it?

UPDATE: This wasn’t a simple act of hate to which love is the answer, is it? This was a genuine internationally-influenced terror attack in my home town! How do I respond? How will the nation respond now that the ISIS threat of hitting soft police and military targets in America has begun? 


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Keep Your Wood to Yourself

Good Monday morning, world! I sincerely hope that your Monday is turning out to be a good one, not the stereotypical kind that signals impending doom.

And since I want you to have a good day and a great week, I’m going to give you some important information – inside information – which will make all of your days more peaceful, less stressful, and far less depressing: don’t read the news.

The News

Dear friends, followers, and folk of all persuasions, listen to someone who knows: trust the news about as far as you can throw it – with a bad arm, that is.

Seriously, when you pick up a news paper (they still have those, actually), or watch the news on TV or the internet, never take for granted that you are getting all the news worth hearing, or even the truth, for that matter.

Media outlets are businesses, and businesses have to make money, a profit, to stay afloat. Therefore, whatever kind of news the executives think will capture your attention, that’s the news they’ll report. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it is sensational enough to keep you coming back to consume update after juicy update.

Through the years I have learned some painful lessons about the news media. Most of the time, if not all of the time, they are quick to release a story, even if they have to make up some of the details. The longer the media can carry a story without adequate details, the longer they can keep people coming back for answers they rarely give.

Know for certain that whatever is on the news is what is meant to get your attention. If it strikes a nerve, makes you angry, or causes you disgust, you will pay attention. Many times this means giving vague details meant to stir up arguments on social media. The longer they can keep people talking, arguing with each other, making judgmental accusations, and playing armchair-attorneys, the better.

Look, long before there was a CNN, a FOX News Network, or illiterate Facebook threads, the Bible contained an antidote for the modern news story.

“Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.” – Proverbs 26:20

But isn’t that unfortunate? In a day when we should be able to have access to what really matters, about all we ever get is the sensational, the ill-reported, and the “conversation fire starter.”

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t play along, and keep your wood to yourself; the innocent and the victim will thank you.


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Based on a True Story

Here’s the Story

On this past Saturday I went to hear Rick Santorum speak. What I did not expect was to meet Bill Maher and Michael Moore in the lobby. Awkward.

“Hey, Anthony, what’s up, my brother,” asked Bill as he grabbed my hand to shake it. “Can I give you a hug, my friend? Good to finally meet you in person,” said Mr. Moore.

“What are you two doing here,” I asked, “and where do you know me from?”

Bill said, “HBO asked me to do some research on Christian bloggers, and when I found your site, well, you won me over!” He went on to say, “I was so blinded by my hatred of Christianity that I would never give it an honest chance; but then I read your blog. You changed my mind. Since then I have become a believer.”

Michael Moore’s story was similar. He said, “I was working on a new anti-Republican, anti-Evangelical documentary when I read your brilliant blog. The power of your intellect, combined with the non-conspiratorial power of the Holy Spirit, convinced me I was headed down a liberal road to destruction. I confessed my sins and became a believer. Did you read my comment on The Recovering Legalist?”

“Wow! Unbelievable! This is awesome news,” I said. “Are you here because you’re leaving the Democrat party?” “No,” they said. The reason they came to hear Rick Santorum was to seek wisdom which they could use to transform the liberal Democrat political machine.

Here’s the True Part

Last Saturday I went to hear Rick Santorum speak. That’s the truth. The above was based on a true story.

While visiting the hospital today (one of those pastoral things) I heard one nurse comment to another, “It’ll be a great movie, and it’s based on a true story.” Really? Makes one wonder what part is true.

John 8:31-32 … So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

“As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” ~ Thomas Aquinas


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