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Chattanooga Shooting (My Town)

I would appreciate it if you would think of my city when you pray. Intercede, if you would, for our city’s leadership and citizens. The main thing we need at this point is calm. 4 Marines and 1 Chattanooga police officer were shot.

All we know at this point is that the news is unpredictable – it changes moment from moment. From what I have heard, a shooter attacked a local Navy recruiting center close to Chattanooga State Community College, and then went to the river park, where, it seems, he was killed.

From what we have heard, this is no longer an active situation.

What a violent, godless world we live in. But the things that make a difference are people caring for each other and knowing the love of God is stronger than the hate of the world.

The police officer that was shot is reported to be in stable condition.

I am sure more information will become available in the coming hours, especially on the national news media. I just wanted my readers to hear from a resident in real time.

Let’s just hope this wasn’t a cell, and the shooter who is dead was the only one.

Just pray for Chattanooga, today. Let’s have the same kind of character as Charleston has shown.

It’s a small world, isn’t it?

UPDATE: This wasn’t a simple act of hate to which love is the answer, is it? This was a genuine internationally-influenced terror attack in my home town! How do I respond? How will the nation respond now that the ISIS threat of hitting soft police and military targets in America has begun? 


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