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The Hilly Straight and Narrow

Working Out

As many of you know, I have committed to exercise and to lose weight. In other words, I want to look like Tom Cruise.

But even more important than looking like Tom Cruise (because he still looks awesome as an old man – like he’s never aged! …which is a little creepy when you think about it), I want this body that the Lord has given me to be the best “temple” it can be for His glory.

However, remodeling this temple of the Holy Ghost has not been easy.

Walking and Riding

I’ve been doing two kinds of exercise, walking and riding my bicycle. Each has it’s benefits, and each has it’s drawbacks.

For one, it takes longer on a bike to burn as many calories as walking, if, that is, the walking is fast-paced in sync with a song from Building 429. Riding, though, is more fun.

Last Saturday morning, with rainy mist in the air, I rode a 13-mile circuit around our little community. It was an enjoyable, scenic ride with very little traffic (I only saw 4 cars in the first hour). It took me 1 hour and 58 minutes to complete.

Today (a Tuesday), I rode 8.23 miles, and I did it in 1 hour and 3 minutes. The only thing is that I was less tired after the 13-mile ride than the one I did today!

I think I know the reason.

The Straight and Narrow

As I was riding this morning, I came to a point where I had to peddle in 1st gear for what seemed like an eternity (maybe 5 min.). You see, although the road I took was a straight shot from our community to the next town, there were some places where I had to ascend over a period of time. These inclines didn’t look like hills, yet what I rode added up to 196 feet in elevation.

While pacing myself, and while reminding myself of heroes like Marcus Luttrell (Navy SEAL) and all he went through to survive, I peddled in 1st gear until I reached the point where I could finally coast. It was then that a profound thought managed to form inside my brain, despite the 146 heartbeats per minute.

“The straight and narrow is not always the flat and level.” 

Yes, much like the “straight and narrow” path of faith (loosely based on Matt. 7:14), the road I traveled was straight and free of any hidden obstacles or traps. Yet, “straight and narrow” should NEVER be interpreted as “flat and level.” No, there were more ups and downs than I could count! It took more energy to finish than the longer, more curvy road I was on last week!

If you’ve never heard it said, the Christian life is a joy, but it’s not easy. As a matter of fact, if you want an easy-peasy life, stay a tool of Satan; he’ll keep you comfortable till your dying day. But for the true follower of the One who carried a cross up a hill, why should we expect a road without those slow, aching, 1st-gear inclines?

God bless! Keep peddling! 



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Don’t Waste Time Being Warm

More to the List

My first post of the year contained a list of 13 things that I did not want to do in 2013. I could have made the list longer, but it was the basis for a sermon to be preached, so having 47 points might have been too much.

Some other things I do not want to do in 2013 could include eating cottage cheese, jumping from a perfectly good airplane, licking a cheese grater, or kissing Lady GaGa. Some things are just too nasty to contemplate.

I also don’t want to become the fattest man in Chattanooga, the slowest driver, the worst preacher, the least-read blogger, or a Democrat.

Freezing for Love 

Number 9 on my list of thirteen things I don’t want to do in 2013 was “Waste Time.” So, when my 16-year-old daughter, Katie, asked me to go riding bicycles in 40 degree weather I thought, “This is insane.” But, when I thought about the movie “Courageous,” and then remembered that Katie will be going away to college very soon, I put on my helmet and grabbed my coat.

I could have stayed at home, inside where it was warm, doing something “important.” However, I made a list of things that I did not want to do, and here was an opportunity to test my resolve. Would I waste an opportunity to be with my little girl? No, it was time to freeze my taillight off for love.

IMG_9615Katie and I rode about 5 miles, took a break at McDonald’s to get warm, and I drank some coffee. Then, once we were warm, we rode back home and froze all over again…and it was worth it. Not a bit of time was wasted.


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