Don’t Waste Time Being Warm

More to the List

My first post of the year contained a list of 13 things that I did not want to do in 2013. I could have made the list longer, but it was the basis for a sermon to be preached, so having 47 points might have been too much.

Some other things I do not want to do in 2013 could include eating cottage cheese, jumping from a perfectly good airplane, licking a cheese grater, or kissing Lady GaGa. Some things are just too nasty to contemplate.

I also don’t want to become the fattest man in Chattanooga, the slowest driver, the worst preacher, the least-read blogger, or a Democrat.

Freezing for Love 

Number 9 on my list of thirteen things I don’t want to do in 2013 was “Waste Time.” So, when my 16-year-old daughter, Katie, asked me to go riding bicycles in 40 degree weather I thought, “This is insane.” But, when I thought about the movie “Courageous,” and then remembered that Katie will be going away to college very soon, I put on my helmet and grabbed my coat.

I could have stayed at home, inside where it was warm, doing something “important.” However, I made a list of things that I did not want to do, and here was an opportunity to test my resolve. Would I waste an opportunity to be with my little girl? No, it was time to freeze my taillight off for love.

IMG_9615Katie and I rode about 5 miles, took a break at McDonald’s to get warm, and I drank some coffee. Then, once we were warm, we rode back home and froze all over again…and it was worth it. Not a bit of time was wasted.


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3 responses to “Don’t Waste Time Being Warm

  1. Very wise! You can always get warm, you could never relive that bike ride with her if it had never happened.

  2. Thank you. I went sledding repeatedly over this Christmas break, and feel the same way as you. Is it worth it to freeze my fanny off, get every pair of pants I own soaking wet, and squash my hair with my hat? It is, because in a few years they won’t want to sled down the hills with Mom anymore.

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