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Random Update

Monkey Poses

Remember how I just wrote about writing for the sake of writing? Well, here we go again, but on a smaller scale.

The other day I wrote a post about my wife’s grandmother’s 90th birthday. I even included some pictures. What I didn’t include was my favorite picture of the day – Mr. Monkey and the guitars.

monkey and guitarsIn a break between playing music and eating cake, I took this picture of Katie’s guitar and my bass, along with Mr. Monkey striking a pose.

Two Weeks (or so) Left

In two weeks I will be presenting my final paper to my last seminary class. Believe me, I am stressed – it’s nowhere near done! Even worse, I have to present my paper in front of a PhD with a thing for punctuation (“Have you never heard of an Oxford comma?”).

OH! Guess what? My class ring just shipped today! Now, if I don’t pass, I’ll have a ring with the wrong date! Good grief!


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Late-Nite Saturday Rant

In the Dark

I’m sitting in the dark on an empty school bus, waiting for a high school football team to finish playing. I have 29% battery on my iPhone, and I want to read my real Bible, not an app.

So, since it is dark (28%, now), I will blog in the dark. At least until I get to 20%.

Things that Irritate

A lot of people have used their blogs to gripe about things they hate, or things that irritate them (27%). Therefore, because I just heard something that irritated me when I watched a video on Socialcam, I will share some of my dislikes. Why not?

…..the limited capabilities of WordPress’s smartphone app.

…..(26%) people that won’t sing a well-known song to the beat, but delay the lyrics in order to appear more spiritual (’cause it doesn’t make them sound better).

…..when there is a hole in one slice of bread and the jelly on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich leaks onto my hand.

…..(25%) mosquitoes.

…..cat hair in my throat (or any hair) that won’t wash down or cough up, but just sticks there.

…..a sunburn on my bald head.

…..(24%) no car charger for my phone while on a field trip.

…..reporters that ask to interview me, then distort the truth, making me look bad.

Oh great! The team is done. I’m cranking up the bus. I have light!

Going Home

Well, I now have 23% battery on my phone, but now it’s time to go home. I’ve got to make sure everything’s ready for the road.

Hope everybody goes to church somewhere this Sunday. You’re welcome to visit ours and hear me preach. If you do, that will NOT irritate me.


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