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Appreciate the Dandelions; They Are EVIDENCE!

My Katie

Guys (and I do mean that figuratively), you should really get to know my daughter, Katie. She is so gifted by God in photography, music, and even writing. But what most impresses me about Katie is her ability to see the wonder of God in the smallest of things.

Like I said, Katie is a gifted photographer. Her personal blog is called “Shutter Elf,” and features some seriously good photos. I can take a picture of something and it will look like a picture; Katie can take a picture of the exact same thing and it will be art.

Unfortunately, because of college and stinking Instagram, she doesn’t post as much on her blog. I wish she would do more, however. All it takes is a little browsing through her posts and you will notice not only her natural skill as a photographer, but her ability to bring meaning and insight to what the shutter captures.

The Dandelion

Last night, as I was wrapping things up and getting ready to shut things down, I happened to click on a blog post entitled “Overwhelmed.” Just click on the link and check it out.

The author of the blog (I don’t know her name) concluded her post with the following words:

“So today I pray instead for the Lord to show me the value in the dandelions, the treasures to be found hidden in our afflictions, to open my eyes to His blessings safely tucked within the weeds.”

That’s when I had to comment, and the comment consisted of me asking her to do what I’m going to ask you to do…

Read Katie’s post about dandelions! You will never look at them the same again!

Oh, and try to encourage Katie to post more by leaving a comment and subscribing to her blog. đŸ™‚

Click HERE, or on the picture, to read “DANDELIONS.”

Photo Credit: Katie Marie



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Christian Blogging

We plant and water seeds of hope, love, joy, and grace. We sow these seeds all over the world! Rarely will we see a harvest, but the Holy Spirit knows how to take that divinely inspired “click” and turn it into new life.

It will be interesting, and wonderful, to one day see what God was able to do with the crazy medium of Christian blogging. To HIM be the glory!


Photo credit: Katie Marie Baker


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My Little Elf

You Are You.

Above is a link to a post from my daughter Katie’s blog, Shutter Elf. It impressed me so much that I wanted to share it with you.

You see, Katie is only 16 (on March 4th, tomorrow), but she loves the Lord and has developed a sense of wisdom like few her age. When I read this post (and saw her photograph), I said to my wife, “I’m done. She doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve taught her all I can. She’ll be fine.”

I hope you check out her photos and comments. She would be excited if you left a comment of your own. Maybe you could even wish her a happy 16th birthday?

And, if you want to know, she loves biology. Check out her post about the dandelion. 


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