Christian Blogging: Just Sowing Seed

We plant and water seeds of hope, love, joy, and grace.

We sow these seeds all over the world!

Rarely will we see a harvest, but the Holy Spirit knows how to take that divinely inspired “click” and turn it into new life, or at least encourage one.

It will be interesting and wonderful to one day see what God was able to do with the crazy medium of Christian blogging.

To HIM be the glory!


Photo credit: Katie Marie Baker


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2 responses to “Christian Blogging: Just Sowing Seed

  1. Well, I got an Idea, Mr. Baker says, Well, I figured you did. LoL. Go figure.
    But seriously, I sent out invites to people I knew. One of my customers who used to live in Canada moved back to SriLanka and then to Germany then to England I think. Its been a long time since we talked. So I sent her an invite.
    Well, last night she followed my blog. (feel the silence. )
    Last night she followed my Blog. This means that not only will I have a chance to catch up with her, but I have opportunity to speak words of life into her heart right from her own computer.
    This means, You can literally find everyone you ever met, and speak into their lives Gods love, Gods call to return to him and the way to be reconciled to him. (pause feel the implication.)
    I see what God has done. And I see what Blogs can do. God bless you in your blogging and may your words reach hearts around the world. In Gods name.

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