What’s Cooking On Your Blog?

I think the reason he is called The Devotional Guy is because people are afraid of pronouncing his name 😉 Regardless, in this piece Rainer Bantau shares some pretty good advice on how to increase traffic to your blog – or at least make your kitchen smell nice.

The Devotional Guy™

Are your posts boiling over with traffic and tons of engagement or is your blog resting at a slow simmer? Low and slow is a perfect method for cooking a brisket. But, truthfully, not so much for growing your blog. Perhaps your blog is on ice or maybe it’s stashed away with those leftovers you intended to eat but forgot you had in the fridge.

No worries.

Hopefully, through this post, I can provide you a cup of encouragement and help you spice up your blogging adventures.

Before focusing on ministry, I spent over half my life working in the food business in a variety of roles. Which is a good thing because I love food and enjoy the hustle-and-bustle a restaurant provides. And even now, I still find myself thinking in restaurant and food terms. Who knows…maybe there’s another restaurant gig in my future?

The thing I love…

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9 responses to “What’s Cooking On Your Blog?

  1. Facebook drives 98% of all traffic. If you make a Facebook page for your blog, that’s also a good free way to get readers!

    • Interestingly, I’ve never started a Facebook page for my blog. All I’ve done is share all my posts to Facebook.

      • I bet in your case, that’s sufficient.

      • I’m destined to be a minor-leaguer in the game of blogging. Unless, of course, I start posting recipes, how-to’s, and hire a photographer to catch me in pensive thought. 😉

      • It’s not you, it’s just that blogging is for the most part dead.

        Fifteen years or more, it was the next big thing. Our PR firm would compete for bloggers.

        I think mommy bloggers really put blogging on the radar, especially Dooce.

        (Personally didn’t care for her, but it was pretty newsworthy that she wrote about ALL her problems and put it out there. At this time, everyone was still trying to use cryptic names for your email, like we still valued our privacy!)

        But then the market was saturated, Instagram came along and everyone got on Facebook.

        Facebook delivers everything, no one really goes out looking for bloggers to read.

        However, if you started a blog telling real behind the scenes stories about what a pastor actually faces and goes through, that might garner some attention.

        But then you’d probably get fired so there’s that…. 😁

      • Ha! Yeah, there’s that.

      • I’ve always thought that if a pastor could ever write all the back stories, warts and all, that would sell.

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