My Little Elf

You Are You.

Above is a link to a post from my daughter Katie’s blog, Shutter Elf. It impressed me so much that I wanted to share it with you.

You see, Katie is only 16 (on March 4th, tomorrow), but she loves the Lord and has developed a sense of wisdom like few her age. When I read this post (and saw her photograph), I said to my wife, “I’m done. She doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve taught her all I can. She’ll be fine.”

I hope you check out her photos and comments. She would be excited if you left a comment of your own. Maybe you could even wish her a happy 16th birthday?

And, if you want to know, she loves biology. Check out her post about the dandelion. 


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3 responses to “My Little Elf

  1. Encouraged by your pride in your daughter. God is good isn’t He! My daughter will be 16 on 1 April (yes I know – April Fool’s Day). I cannot tell you how proud I am as her Dad to see God moving in her life. Slowly at times, but in the right direction.

  2. Katie must be so blessed to have a dad like you to guide her through. Not all dads are mindful of their child that much…and more importantly, not every dad is taking the initiative to draw their children closer to God. May you continue to reveal God’s love to your daughter and your family as well.


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