Wise Wisdom from a Woman-Wise Wise Man

Katie, Valerie, Alicia, and Haley

“As a married man grows old, particularly one with several daughters, he doesn’t lose his mind; he just acquires the feminine ability to randomly change it.” – A. Baker


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8 responses to “Wise Wisdom from a Woman-Wise Wise Man

    • I know, right? Somewhere in me was a dormant beauty gene. That, combined with my wife’s genetics, produced some sweethearts. I’m certainly blessed.

      • I think your wife got a double beauty gene! Sweet picture.

      • Hey, Angel, if you can watch my Facebook Live stream tonight (6:30), we will be discussing some passages from Proverbs 29. But the cool thing is that my guest is a veteran who not only should be dead from combat, but he is the longest-living documented survivor of stage 4 cancer – 12 years! So, he’s gone back to school to get an M.Div. He wants to pastor! For you, I’ll even stick to the KJV 🙂

      • I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now! Can I watch it any other way?

        I had my notifications off on WordPress because I’m back open at The Center.

      • IF it had worked , you could have. OHHH I’m ticked, however. I don’t have any idea
        what happened! All I know is that after a few minutes everything went black. The whole discussion was not only lost, I don’t even think anyone was able to watch it live. And that is very irritating considering who I had as a guest. Sure, we could do it again, but I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place.

      • I listened all the way through. I enjoyed that way of bringing a message, with two minds together.

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