Breaking the Habit/Addiction (No mo nomophobia)

Stats Update

Last week I opened up and shared my iPhone usage stats for the week. I don’t know how they compare to other people (except one of our deacons), but they were, by estimation, a little high.

I said that I was going to try to cut back my usage my being a little more aware of what I was doing.

I did it! 

Down 37% from last week!

Last week was 7h 35m! Not a huge decrease, but a decrease, nonetheless.

Yes, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. But I also have YouTube music. And, I don’t watch much television. This is pretty much it for me.

In comparison, last week’s average was 74, with the most pickups in one day being 107! I spent less time looking at Facebook this week.

How did you do?


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9 responses to “Breaking the Habit/Addiction (No mo nomophobia)

  1. Leigh

    I’m down 7% from last week. My downfall is Facebook. I keep telling myself I need to take a break. I’m going to work on that. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I rarely gab on the phone unless its important and I do not have time to count my minutes let alone blog about them or care what someone else says about how much time I spend on the phone. If someone is bothering you about it, tell them to look after their own life and get something more valuable to do than count how many minutes you spend on the phone.

  3. I tried posting yesterday but ran into some puter problems. As of this morning, my total time on my phone was 31h 27m 41s. My average was 4h 29m 41s daily. It seems 33.2% of the time was sending and receiving text messages, 13.8% reviewing notifications from our new security system, 12.9% of the time was taken up by Security Master, and 9.1% playing a game. The rest is miscellaneous.

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