Help Me Lose Weight!

I am now going to make use of the world wide web and call out for advice, because I know a lot of you have plenty to offer (I mean that in a good way).

I will be 50 years old in September. For years and years I have stayed around 200 lbs (average of 210 for the last decade). But now I am gaining…and I want it to stop. I mean, just look at the scale from today! I am going to have to let out my suit coat before I can afford to buy a new one!

Anyway, some of  you are very knowledgeable in this subject, so I am going to ask for your best weight-loss tips and stategies. Keep in mind the following before you respond:

  • I am 50 years old.
  • I have a damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder.
  • I have a bad right knee (can’t run).
  • I hate cottage cheese with a passion.
  • I don’t do kale.
  • I will NOT give up coffee.
  • I have a Total Gym, but no money for a gym membership.
  • My weight goal is 180 pounds (I’m 5’9″), even though some may advise it to be more like 160; I don’t want to look like a stick; some fluffiness makes me more adorable.

So, can you help?

Even more importantly, do you care enough to hold me accountable?

Remember, if we are the body of Christ, and I am a member of the same body you are, me being overweight might just be slowing you down, too!

Let’s do this thing, OK?


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17 responses to “Help Me Lose Weight!

  1. I’ve found two things that have helped me lose weight:
    1. Writing down everything I eat with the calories and fat. When you know you have to write it down, it makes you think harder about eating it.
    2. Having diverticulitis. I don’t recommend this one, but it did help me lose almost 30 pounds in two months. And I kept the weight off for a long time. If I’d followed #1, I might have succeeded in staying the weight I was after I felt better.

    When you find a better solution than either of these, please let me know. I need to lose that 30 again.

  2. Donald Norris

    A couple of things that have worked for me, although I still struggle and could use an accountability partner. I highly recommend getting a copy of “Lose It for Life.” It is a Christ-centered, healthy lifestyle primer that is available on Kindle.. It is not a diet plan, but discusses the why’s and wherefores of our over eating habits. In addition, download the My Fitness app. Great tool to track your food intake and exercise activity.


  3. I have four simple suggestions that are easy and you will start seeing results immediately. First, cut out sweet drinks and replace them with water. I recommend drinking it at room temperature. Second, start walking. You can start small like walking around your block. Try working up to several miles a day which should take you less than an hour. Third, exchange carbs for protein. Instead of reaching for a bowl of cereal in the morning have some eggs, bacon or peanut butter. Fourth, it is better to eat four or five small meals a day rather than two or three large ones and cut down on the late night snacks.. This type of eating pattern will rev up your metabolism. I would be more than happy to check in on your progress.

  4. roy cavender

    I’m in the boat with you bro. Together we may make it sink. I know what we should do. The coffee is fine of course. Less fried. Cut out breads. More fresh veggies and fruits. Exercise even if light. Water water. Remember, knowing and doing is like the word of God in our lives, we are sometimes hearers and not doers my friend. Love ya !!

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  5. I have the same struggle. I like the idea of an accountability partner. I need to find one for myself. I don’t know why I have not thought of that before.

  6. Me too! I’ll join you. πŸ™‚

    A couple of tricks that have kept me from completely losing all control, both walking and running burns about the same amount of calories for the same distance. So you can walk five miles or you can run it. It’s faster to run, but walking takes longer so you burn less calories, but over a longer period of time. At the finish line you’ve both burned about the same amount. The same is true of many workouts, an hour at a slower pace is just as effective as 20 minutes at a fast pace. So aim for length, time,distance,not high impact or fast.

    There are lots of metabolism tricks, too. Middle age makes it harder to process sugar and simple starches. I tend to cut out sugar,white flour,white potatoes,pasta, white rice,and focus on eating protein and veggies. That tends to get your metabolism up and running,keep your blood sugar level,and make you far less likely to store extra fat.

  7. Melissa Presser, Lover of Jesus

    It is not about dieting or exercising for me it is about an entire lifestyle change. I always tell people who ask me for advice to start small: Start with just 15 minutes a day whether its walking or biking or whatever it is that you may enjoy. Keep your meals simple- lots of protein (not fried of course) and swap that carb for a veggie. Small meals throughout the day really help to curb hunger (I eat about every three hours or so). I pick one day a week when I cheat and I do that every week (typically on Saturdays). I also never deprive myself if I am in the mood for something specific because if I do I find that the craving comes back ten times worse and I eat more than if I just had a small indulgence.

    I also have certain go-tos that are are super easy and don’t require any prep (I have no time for that working full time with 3 kids and a hubby!). Greek yogurt, almonds, certain cheeses are all great. I also ALWAYS carry a protein bar with me in case I get stuck somewhere.

    I’m happy to give you more tidbits if you need them. I am not a believer in paying for all of these programs or diets or products. You can live a happy healthy life and lose weight just staying close to the four walls of the grocery store (where all the fresh stuff usually is). I’ve been successful at this for a long time, even with injuries (currently dealing with a shoulder injury and some various others) and still managed to stay in great shape. Remember the key is consistency, discipline and repetition!

  8. I hit 60 in June and the slowing metabolism has definitely been a problem in recent years, for both Marilyn and myself. Having Fitbits has helped us – plus we get competitive with each other and friends. We walk as much as possible and usually get 10,000 steps in daily. This time of year we get walks in most evenings.

    I also use the Fitbit app to record calorie intake as it challenges me regarding what I am eating and how much of it. Generally we eat fruit and porridge for breakfast but try to have breakfast late so we are not hungry later in the morning.

    I keep a jar of olives in the kitchen and try to snack from that instead of the biscuit tin! We have managed to cut out a lot of snacking. Always a danger when working from home! I have not given up coffee but used skimmed milk. It’s a struggle but at the same height as you I have just managed to get below 180 pounds.

  9. 1) (PLEASE talk with your MD FIRST to modify the recommendations). I don’t agree with some of the advice due to my medical background.
    2) Water, water, water. However much coffee you drink, TRY to match it with real water intake.
    3) Total gym is a great machine. I used one when I wrestled full-time. Talk to your MD about how to modify certain exercises regarding your rotator cuff.
    4) A brisk walk is still working your heart for the better. Talk to your doctor about how much you can do regarding the bad knee.

    Main Point: If you are increasing your water intake, using modified exercises on the Total Gym and getting some brisk walking in a few times a week you’ll see results. But I strongly advise getting a physical from the MD first to get as much medical advice before jumping into anything.

    Praying for you and I will put on my calendar weekly to ask about your progress. God bless, Pastor.

  10. oh how your story resonates! I too need to lose weight; turn 50 in September and will not give up coffee (kinda like kale and cottage cheese, though!). Anyway, I can offer no magic bullet, but do have one thought: usually the plan YOU create is the plan that will work best for you, because it’s on your terms. That, and (no I don’t work for them!) Weight Watchers has a great program and I love the “My Fitness Pal” app πŸ™‚

  11. I would love to be accountability partners. I weigh the same as you and I’m 5’3, and 58 yrs old. It gets harder each year to lose one pound and keep it off.

    • I don’t think it would be as difficult if I wasn’t already worn out when work is done. It comes down to motivation to both exercise and eat healthier. Ugh!

      • Yep. Same here. It’s a vicious circle for me. I battle my diabetes every day. I tend to “get in the mood” to eat health and exercise. I spend a small fortune on healthy foods and by day three, I’m feeling great, but by day five, I lose motivation and get lazy, over eat and it’s back to square one.

  12. After every meal take a 10-15 min. walk. Less breads, pastas, etc. and more fruits and vegetables. Find an activity you love and do that whether it be walking, swimming, tennis, etc. Make your workouts fun! I just wrote a blog post about this actually.

    Good luck!

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