My Easter Weekend in Photos

Just for you, my dear readers and friends (even my non-friends…you know who you are), here are some photos from the Easter weekend of 2017.

Enter into my world 😉

It all started on Friday when Katie (my daughter) and I went to downtown Chattanooga to renew her car tags – then realized the courthouse was closed. Go figure.


Just outside of the old courthouse in Chattanooga. The courthouse is behind me out of view. The fountain was dedicated many years ago to two firemen that died.


Oh my gosh! Olive Chattanooga is unbelievable! I never knew this place existed, but Katie and I stumbled upon it and fell in love. You have GOT to try the garlic-stuffed olives!



Saturday afternoon I officiated a wedding. The ceremony took place on a bluff overlooking the valley in Dayton, TN.


A view from inside the beautiful house where the wedding took place.


The happy couple, Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Tina King!


Early Sunday Morning

Sunday morning we attended the Christian Motorcyclists Association’s Easter sunrise service.


After the sunrise service motorcycles and their riders were prayed for. They call it the “blessing of the bikes.”


Easter Morning at Church

Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Al Kashiemer holds his grandson during the men’s Sunday school class.


The Recovering Legalist and his wife, Valerie, after the morning Easter service.


Katie and Haley striking a sister pose.

Sunday Afternoon

After church the four of us went out and split a couple of meals at a Chinese restaurant. After all, what is Easter without Chinese food, right?

Then, after lunch, we went to the Chickamauga dam and flew kites – or at least tried. It was the first time in many years, and it was actually quite fun. All along we kept singing (or at least I did) the song from Mary Poppins.


Before we packed up the kites we unpacked the instruments for a little practice and a short video.

Katie and I recorded a video on Facebook Live. We played “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms.”


Back at the house, I finished up the Easter weekend with a little carpenter bee hunting. Got 2!

It was a really sweet, extended Easter weekend. I hope yours was as blessed as mine.


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8 responses to “My Easter Weekend in Photos

  1. Looks like an amazing weekend. 😎

  2. Do you ride? I did for about 15 years and was part of a Christian motorcycle group. I miss it.

    • Ha! No, all I’ve got is a Honda scooter that won’t crank. I was there as a guest to play guitar 🙂

      • I had a big classic cruiser. I rode everyday to work to use the HOV lane. I couldn’t sitting in the other lanes watching cars and motorcycles whizzing passed me. BTY: I’ve taken some strategies from your posts to improve mine; namely, Read More and Block Quotes. I’ve been wondering about adding a contact page, but I see that most bloggers don’t use them. Is there a particular reason for that? Does it leaving one open to lots of spam?

      • You know, I’ve struggled at times with how accessible I should be. Some bloggers never use there real name, email address, or anything. My problem is that I’m already a public figure on several different levels, so I’m “screwed” no matter what. Therefore, I’m probably more transparent than some others (I mean, when people know where you pastor and what school bus you drive, and other bloggers from across the country have actually stayed at my house, how can I hide?).

        But, for you, if you are concerned about spam and all, you could always give a different contact email than what is linked to your blog or website.

      • I’m going to set one up because my WordPress email uses my custom domain. BTW: To reduce my overhead, I recently changed to Zoho. It’s FREE with no ads, works with custom domains, and is awesome. I was with GoDaddy at $120 for 2 years. That’s $$ I can put toward Amazon promotion.

      • Thanks! I look into that.

  3. What an awesome weekend for your and fam!!!

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