Resolutions to Avoid

Just for the fun of it…and maybe as a reminder to myself…I thought I would create a list resolutions to avoid at all cost.

In other words, if you resolve to do the following, you may not be around in 2016 (or at least in good shape).

10 Resolutions to Avoid

1. I resolve leave the seat up every time I go to the toilet as a sign of my manly rights.

2. I resolve to never say I’m sorry – unless I mean it.

3. I resolve to read the Bible only when it’s projected on the big screen, and only on Sunday mornings, provided there’s enough free coffee and muffins beforehand.

4. I resolve to lose 10 pounds a week (either weight or money, depending on where I am at the time).

5. I resolve to date more people this year than last in an attempt to better understand the fish in the sea.

6. I resolve to trust the government more.

7. I resolve to spend more time at work and less time with my family.

8. I resolve to make my husband change, or else.

9. I resolve to keep to myself and avoid other people.

10. I resolve to keep everything exactly the way it is right now.

So, what do you think? Will you try to avoid these resolutions? Are there any you would like to add?

Happy New Year!



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3 responses to “Resolutions to Avoid

  1. Happy New Year and God Bless you and your family!

  2. I resolve to be less critical of my friends.

    By the way, good job fixing the “2016”, but your first resolution needs a “to” in there …

    Oh, drat. I already blew my resolution!

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