The Brief Departure of a Friend

A pic of Ty and his oldest daughter (from her Facebook page)

A pic of Ty and his oldest daughter (from her Facebook page)

Today I received the sad news that a brother in Christ, Ty Sweeney, went home. He was only 38 and died of complications resulting from a heart attack. And, like with the loss of others I’ve known, news of his death was an oxygen-sucking blow to my gut.

I didn’t know Ty as well as some other friends of mine in Hopkinsville, KY. I saw him at church (it was a big church) and played music with him a few times. Once he even loaned me his cedar-topped guitar – that was a GREAT guitar. But what I did know about Ty was that he was a great musician, songwriter, and that he loved the Lord and his family.

I lost my dad when I was only 24. For a moment I felt like my whole life would come crashing down around me. However, with the grace of God and the peace that came with the assurance I would see him again, the loss was tempered with the knowledge that our separation was only temporary. My prayer is that his wife (Sarah) and two daughters (Conley and Claudia) will find comfort in the same Hope.

For the saints of God, death is only a brief departure; sweet reunions are still to come.

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

Click HERE to listen to Ty Sweeney’s music.


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7 responses to “The Brief Departure of a Friend

  1. Sorry for your loss. He was way, way too young to die. May the God of comfort be with his people.

  2. My heart and prayers go out to you and his family!

  3. Anthony,
    Really sorry to hear that, especially for his young family. Of course we know it’s all good for him now…but not so much for them.

  4. Fatima Foster (Evangelist)

    We are sorry to hear about the transition of brother Ty Sweeney. We were one of the many families sharing the waiting room on the 5th floor. I personally have his name writing in a book with a list of others whom was mentioned in our prayers at church. I thank God for the families we had a chance to fellowship with at Vanderbilt, especially Ty’s family. When they gathered to pray in a circle my family, we would bow our heads also in agreement. Even though we didn’t know brother Ty Sweeney personally, it had an impact on us when we received the news. Our family is still praying for your strength and healing at this time…The family of George Ridley, Franklin TN.

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