Big Tippers

The Big One

CeCe is a server at a Steak n’ Shake in Indianapolis. CeCe is evidently an excellent server, too. Either that, or someone was just tremendously generous.

big tip 2

Watch the video.

Actually, CeCe got a huge tip from a regular customer. And when I say huge, we’re not talking a few dollars – try $446 on a $6 bill! That’s like a 7000% tip!!

Why did CeCe receive such a large gratuity? It seems that CeCe was having a hard time a table, yet she was able to keep her composure and maintain a sweet smile. An older lady who frequents the Steak n’ Shake saw what was going on, then proceeded to leave her a tip which was probably more than CeCe makes in a week.

Tip Bait Guide

In reality, large tips like the one CeCe got are extremely rare. As a matter of fact, few people regularly tip more than 20%. However, I have come up with 10 ways for servers to “bait” their customers into leaving much larger tips than usual. If they work, just send me a small percentage of the take and we’ll call it even.

  1. Make sure your customer’s glasses are never less than 3/4 full.
  2. Make sure your customer’s glasses are clean, even if you have to take them off his face.
  3. Offer to tuck the napkin into your customer’s shirt collar.
  4. Offer to crawl under the table to pick up your customer’s children’s crayons, and while you’re at it, offer to polish their shoes.
  5. Offer to cut up your customer’s food into fun shapes.
  6. If Pepsi is the only drink being served, offer to go around the block to buy a 2-liter of Coke.
  7. Sprinkle every sentence with words like honey, sweetie, sugar, love, darlin’, and baby (unless the wife is present). Otherwise, use words like sir, your honor, etc.
  8. Take your customer’s order while kneeling beside the table, but wince when you bow down. When they ask if you are OK, just say, “Oh, I’m fine! It’s just all the praying I’ve been doing lately…you know how scary those test results can be.”
  9. Tell your customers that having the chance to serve them was worth missing your birthday party.
  10. Offer to burp every one at the table.

Seriously, Though

Servers at restaurants work harder than most anyone else in the world. The tips they make are usually not that much in comparison to the work they do, and tips are usually all they make.

As Christians, we should always, always tip a server at a restaurant regardless of service they render. As a matter of fact, one of the best times to leave a large tip is when you receive the worst service. You don’t know what the lady serving you has gone through that day. You don’t know how she has been treated, or what news she has just learned.

Be an example, not a hindrance.

One of saddest things I’ve come to learn is that Sundays are the worst days for tips. Believe it or not, I have talked to many servers who have turned away from God all because of the way they are treated on Sundays by “Christians” after church.

Wouldn’t it be great if more stories aired on the news about big tippers? Wouldn’t it be great, instead of increasing one’s “faith in humanity,” news of our generosity caused people to want to know more about Christ?


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8 responses to “Big Tippers

  1. That is a seriously good blog. My daughter read it too and particularly enjoyed the Tip Bait Guide.

  2. Loved number 2 on the list!

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  4. Also, if you plan to witness with your tip, with one of those evangelism tracts, make sure the money portion is appropriate. Nothing worse than getting a bible tract and a 5% tip.

    Also, having worked as a server for a couple years, I can confirm that a great tip can really make your day!

    • One time my wife received a tract that looked like money – that’s all. She went ballistic. She got the address of the church off the tract, found the pastor’s mailing address, and wrote him a stinging letter. He replied, and the most idiotic, insulting thing he said was, “obviously you’re just in it for the money.” YOU THINK!

      This was about 10-12 years ago. Valerie talked me out of taking it to the next level. I wanted to beat the guy. He was a disgrace to people of faith, and he insulted my wife (he said other things). All I can say is that I’m not going to be like that, and I warn people in my congregation to not be like that. Ticks me off to think about it.

      It’s 7:40 on a Saturday. I need some coffee. Grrrrr.

    • Oh but Andrew, no amount of money is worth more than a crappy piece of paper that might save your soul! My apartment manager definitely accepted my rent payment in evangelical tracts as well.

  5. I love offering to burp everyone at the table, ha!
    I worked as a waitress all through grad school and I can attest that waiting tables is one of the most taxing jobs in the world. Also, you are correct, the Sunday lunch crowd is notorious for being terrible tippers. I worked with several atheists whose non-belief was cemented and hearts were hardened more with every Sunday they worked. I wish more people would recognize that being a generous tipper is one of the easiest ways you can bless another person.

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