Flash Post

It’s Not Dating

I have heard of those places where one goes to have “dates” with people, only the dates last just a couple of minutes. I think they call it “speed dating.” This is not one of those dates, but it is a “flash post.”

So, if you have never read this blog before, you may walk away never wanting to see me again. But that’s OK. For one thing, I’m married. Secondly, some of the followers I have been getting as of late are flat-out strange (you know who you are).

What It Is

What am I doing? I am writing a “flash post.” What is a flash post? A flash post is a post that is written in just enough time to type the words, edit the main font thingys (is that with an ies?), and hit “Publish.”

I was sitting at the computer watching video of a group called Alabama Shakes (Strange. Not my type. Not my kind of music.). That’s when I figured, since I had 15 minutes before needing to leave the house to go back to work (I just come home for lunch), I could write a quick post about nothing – or just sit in silence until the memory of the music I just heard faded away.

Time to Go

Well, it’s about time to get my things together and go. If I had more time I would write about serious stuff, but I would hate to be targeted by the IRS, even though I know they are honest people and would never harass a conservative minister – no way.

So, move on to your next blogger date and share a few clicks – wait, this wasn’t a date. If you want to meet again, well, you know where to find me. Next time you can buy lunch.


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7 responses to “Flash Post

  1. Yes, it should be with an -ies.

  2. 1. In the South, I believe it’s “thingys”
    2. I’m suspicious that I fall into the category of new weirdos 🙂
    3. Kudos on only being able to write one sentence about the IRS. I can hardly mention them here without approaching my soapbox.

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