A Monkey is Coming – Beware


If you are reading this early on a Monday morning, then you should be the first to prepare. You should be thankful that you have received this warning early.

Many will see this too late. Many will not have time to prepare.

“Prepare for what?” you may ask.

Prepare to see a video so shocking, so controversial, so unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will go down in history  – for something.


Don’t wait till later to tell people what you are about to see. It is Monday. It could happen at any moment.

At any second the world’s most controversial video of a polyester-furred puppet monkey offending certain humans will hit YouTube and the world wide web. You need to get the word out NOW! Don’s just share, pre-share! They must be warned!

Be in Prayer

The truth will be shocking, upsetting, and unsettling. Some will become nauseated. Others will wish they were wearing adult diapers. But a large portion of the portion of the world whose claims are disproportionately larger than their actual portion will simply be offended and reply with hatred, vitriol, and jokes that aren’t that funny.

Be in prayer that the video to be released later on this day will go viral – at least as much as “Charlie Bit My Finger” – and actually make a point…without actually hurting anyone’s finger.

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One response to “A Monkey is Coming – Beware

  1. heather joy

    Not gonna lie… I’m pretty excited to see this. :]

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