Anthony’s Appetite (Big Bob’s Bar-B-Q)


I may have known in the past, but I have forgotten what Bar-B-Q stands for. I don’t know why it is spelled that way, or why other people spell it BBQ. Some people spell it out as Barbecue, but it’s all the same – good eat’n!

If you don’t know what BBQ is, then you may not be from the South…or West…or East…or anywhere animals are smoked and cooked and eaten with coleslaw and banana pudding. One thing’s for sure, if you have never eaten BBQ, you may not be American.

Decatur, Alabama

Not long ago we went to Decatur, Alabama, which is just a few miles southwest of Huntsville, the place with space and rocket museum. Decatur is also the home of Cooks Pest Control.

Back in the mid-90’s I worked for Cooks in Chattanooga, but had to train in Decatur for a month. While at the home office’s training facility, we were encouraged to go to Big Bob’s Bar-B-Q. We were told it was required of us, in order to be good employees, to eat one of Big Bob’s stuffed baked potatoes. We did, and I never forgot it.

That is why when I visited Decatur this time with my family, it was imperative that we go back and eat another potato. You, the reader, needed to hear about it.

Big Spud

Let me tell you, if you want to eat the best Bar-B-Q in the world, Big Bob’s is out to convince you theirs is it. If nothing else, they have the awards and the big-time recognition to back up their claims. But whether or not their BBQ is the best, they have a serious stuffed potato.

This huge potato comes with your choice of pulled pork, beef brisket, or chicken. Under that is cheese, sour cream, butter, and a few other goodies. Believe me, it is a meal and a half. Just don’t eat it if you are on a carb-free diet.


I won’t say that Big Bob’s is the best BBQ in the world, but it is pretty dang good. And if you want a potato that will hold a quarter of a pig, then Big Bob’s is a place you need to try at least once. You won’t regret it.


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4 responses to “Anthony’s Appetite (Big Bob’s Bar-B-Q)

  1. I don’t think we have potatoes that big!

  2. Man, that looks GOOD! Looks like I am going to have to plan a trip to Decatur in the near future!

    I dabble in some amateur BBQ myself. I’ve got a Weber Smokey Mountain and I cook things like pork shoulder / butt, ribs, chicken quarters, turkeys (around Thanksgiving), and my favorite (but the hardest): BBQ brisket. Nothing like slapping a 12 lb cut of meat on the smoker and letting it cook for 14 hours! Then, slice that bad-boy up, slap it on some sandwiches with BBQ sauce and horseradish YUM.

    Here is an image of some stuff I cooked last winter during our annual “Meat Fest” where I cook a LOT.

  3. heather joy

    Mmmm!! that looks divine… minus the meat. I don’t eat meat anymore. but the potato and the choose look super yum! Put a little Franks Hot Sauce on top and you’re good to go!

  4. Jessie Clemence

    Is it gluten free? Can I eat it, or do they hide a bun under that tater someplace? Looks delicious.

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